Marvel Confirms Fact About Clea’s Powers; When Will Clea Return to the MCU?

The official Marvel Studios Character Encyclopedia Updated Edition book confirmed something about Clea’s powers from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness that many fans suspected was true.

The page highlighting Charlize Theron’s Clea confirmed she already has the power to travel the Multiverse, with her diagram pointing out her “lightweight armor for Multiverse travel.”

Clea’s powers from Marvel Comics include superhuman durability, flight, and sorcery (which she learned from training with Doctor Strange).

Some of her most notable sorcery-based powers are energy bolts, shields, teleportation, transmutation, telekinesis, and even varying levels of necromancy (control over the dead).

The post-credits scene featuring Clea sees her come up behind Strange and draw a huge blade, which she uses “to cut a tear in reality,” giving him a look into another dimension:

“A glowing blade appears in Clea’s hand, and she uses it to cut a tear in reality. Another dimension is visible beyond the portal she rips open. Clea faces the portal she opened and waits for Doctor Strange to join her. Strange magically suits up, changing into his mystic robes and donning the Cloak of Levitation.”

Clea, Doctor Strange 2

Marvel Studios
After rumors teased Clea’s inclusion in this film for years before her arrival, Theron celebrated her casting in the role with a quick message to her fans, saying, “Cat’s out of the bag” on social media shortly after Doctor Strange 2’s debut.

When Will Clea Return to the MCU?

With no official word on who will be brought back in the two upcoming Avengers movies, many are expecting to see Charlize Theron reprise her role as Clea in Doctor Strange 3 should the film officially get the green light.

Theron already teased there may be more to her run as the character in the future, teasing in October 2022 that she may “have some work to do” and that she’s putting in the time to learn more about the character.

However, when discussing her future with the role in May 2023, Theron admitted that she hadn’t gotten a call about returning to the MCU since her debut movie.

And with Doctor Strange 3 unlikely to debut until after the Multiverse Saga ends, pending any major changes behind the scenes, fans could be waiting for Theron for quite some time.

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