Loki Series Plot Details Revealed By Marvel


Loki series is most likely to be the one that will explain to us everything there is about this timeline and the multiverse we keep hearing about.

Loki and his mischiefs continue

Loki is one of the most loved characters in the MCU, and the part that he is a half villain doesn’t change anything.

We love our God of mischief, and him getting caught paying for his crimes would definitely be something we have never seen before.

While we are excited to see Loki fix his mistakes for once, we have always been confused about when all of these things occur.

Loki Action Figure
Loki Action Figure

Endgame and the continuation of Avengers mess

In The Endgame, Avengers did mess up a little, but they were too busy trying to save the Earth that they didn’t bother about Loki escaping them.

Even the Avengers in that scene didn’t look like they were searching for Loki because they all were concerned about Tony Stark‘s heart attack, which was caused by, well, him and Ant-Man.

We knew that the series would document Loki and his adventures with the Tesseract, but we didn’t know that when he would be captured and everything.

When do the events of Loki take place?

Well, we may have the answer after all. Recently some Loki figurines were released, and the fact that was said in the back of the packaging was more than what the action figure could tell.


In the packaging, it is written that “Mere moments after his escape during the events of Avengers: Endgame, Loki is apprehended by the Time Variance Authority (TVA) and arrested for his crimes against the sacred timeline.”

Loki Action Figure Box
Loki Action Figure Box

So, according to this, Loki gets caught soon, which may be why none of the Avengers were concerned.

Loki held accountable for messing the sacred timeline

As of now, we don’t know much about the sacred timeline, but if we could guess, it’s probably something that TVA didn’t want to be messed with.

How did the Avengers get away with doing the same? Well, that’s the question we got too. See, Avengers did it once, and they didn’t disrupt it.


They actually did it for good, and our guess is they probably didn’t disrupt the sacred timeline and also put back everything they took, which we don’t think Loki ever did.

We would have to wait for a while to find a better explanation of time and this time heist thing by the TVA in Loki.





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