Which Marvel film had the most universe threatening villain?

Marvel Villains

Most threatening villains of the Marvel universe

MALEKITH (Thor: The Dark World 2013)

A leader of the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim of Marvel wanted to use Aether’s reality-warping powers and the convergence to destroy the universe. To be specific, he was going to amplify the power of the Aether by consuming the Nine Worlds and then use it to turn reality into “an endless night of dark matter and dark energy”, returning the universe to a state of eternal darkness and destroying all life – effectively bringing the world to how it was before the Big Bang.

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  • EGO THE LIVING PLANET (Guardians of the Galaxy 2 2017)

A primordial Celestial with a narcissistic god complex of Marvel who wanted to conquer and eventually become one with the entire universe. He was an evil piece who was willing to do anything and kill anyone who stood in his way. This includes destroying entire planets and killing his children. I don’t think this one requires further explanation.
  • DORMAMMU (Dr Strange 2016)

An immortal cosmic entity that can consume entire universes and even the fabric of reality itself. Its sole purpose/mission in life is to conquer and absorb all the infinite realities and dimensions within the Multiverse into its Dark Dimension, where he holds absolute control. And in case you’re curious, the Dark Dimension is an amalgamation of countless universes/dimensions that Dormammu has already consumed.

  • ALIOTH (Loki series and the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine 2024)

A potent trans-temporal entity created from rips/tears in reality and has the power to devour time and space, making him a Universal threat. And it makes sense, given that he was strong enough to end the Multiversal War between countless timelines and universes.

  • THE SCARLET WITCH (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 2022)

An incredibly powerful conduit of chaos magic whose control over the dark hold and ability to travel between Universes threatened the fate of the entire Multiverse. Specifically, Wanda used the power of the Darkhold to transfer her consciousness (Dream-walking) into the body herself from other universes, which CAN cause incursions that can potentially lead to the destruction of entire universes. I appreciate it doesn’t speak to her attack potency or destructive power, but the result is still the same.

  • KANG THE CONQUEROR (Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania 2023)

He was an absolute super genius, master tactician, scientist and engineer who used his insane intellect and advanced technology to transform himself into a god of sorts with the power to wipe out entire worlds and timelines with little to no effort. The prick was so potent that he initiated and almost dominated a war that destroyed countless universes and nearly took out the entire multiverse, consisting of infinite timelines and realities. It took the combined might of the Council of Kangs to finally bring him down by imprisoning/trapping him in the Quantum Realm.

What If Villains (MARVEL)


An AI creation turned cosmic entity who was empowered by the Infinity Stones to such a degree that he became strong enough to defeat the entirety of the Avengers, disintegrate part of the Infinity Gauntlet along with Thanos’ hand, completely obliterate Eternal Asgard, destroy Ego the Living Planet, annihilate Xandar’s Solar System and of course devour entire freaking galaxies and universes while on a mission to decimate the Multiverse.

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A powerful sorcerer who comes from an alternate reality (Earth-199999) where Dr Strange (as the sorcerer supreme) absorbs power from a whole bunch of mystical beings (including an alternate version of himself) and becomes strong enough to beak the “Absolute Point” and revive his dead lover Christine. Unfortunately, in doing so, he created a paradox that resulted in the collapse of the entire universe and the timeline, where he alone was left standing in an infinite void, feeling sorry for himself.

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Honourable mentions (Marvel Movie)

  • Hela Odinsdottir (Thor: Ragnorok 2017)
  • Eternal Flame Surtur (Thor: Ragnarok 2017)
  • Ronan with the power stone (Guardians of the Galaxy 2014)

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