Was Wanda Maximoff born with Powers or She Gradually Acquires It?


It seems like Wanda was born with her powers, but they didn’t manifest until she was older.

When Wanda and her family’s apartment was bombed and they were trapped with a Stark Industries bomb next to them, Wanda reached out her hand, but Pietro smacked her hand away, afraid that she would set the bomb off. Age of Ultron confirms that the bomb never went off, though, and both she and her brother were able to escape unharmed.

This was a catalyst for the Maximoff twins to join Hydra, and they agreed (or were forced to agree) to Hydra’s experiments with Loki’s sceptre that Hydra managed to find sometime after the events of The Avengers. Of these experiments and all of the subjects that participated in the experiments, she and her brother were the only two subjects who were able to survive the impact of the Mind Stone. She got telekinesis, telepathy, etc., and her brother got superspeed and agility. It was only after that point that she was able to use her powers.

However, during these experiments, when she was exposed to the Mind Stone, she saw a vision of the Scarlet Witch. It was later confirmed by Agatha Harkness that the Scarlet Witch would destroy the world, according to the Darkhold, so this means that the Scarlet Witch is not a title; it’s a person. Considering how a fully functional bomb just didn’t go off, and that Wanda felt drawn to it, it would suggest that she always had these powers, she just couldn’t use them until she was shown that she could, i.e., the Mind Stone and the vision she received.

The real question is: was Pietro born with his powers? With this logic, he must have been. Realistically, the Maximoff twins are mutants, but Wanda had a little bit of fate mixed with her powers.

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