Did Mr and Mrs Smith get divorced in the movie?

Mr and Mrs Smith

John and Jane’s relationship began as an “attraction” at first sight, and they married a week later, becoming Mr. and Mrs. Smith. They had secrets in their separate lives that they learned later. If the typical case hadn’t come up to both of them, no one’s secrets would have been revealed.

Both were very good and excelled in their work life. They used to kill those people who did evil deeds. Mr. and Mrs. Smith worked for different companies and mastered using guns and other weapons. Both had a perfect physique and were clever at the same time.

Talking about their married life, they lived in delusional happiness and fake smiles. Both used to come home around 7, have dinner, and sleep off, waiting for the next day. This all continued until they got the same case of Benjamin from their bosses, and they got to each other’s secret when they spotted each other in the exact location.

The moment they got to know about their spouse being undercover agents, they intended to kill each other and want a divorce.

Mr and Mrs Smith’s plans

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Mr and Mrs Smith made several plans to attack each other. Jane once tried to kill John with a car but failed to do that. One night, they got involved in a fight in their house to get rid of each other. Both perfectly attacked each other with skills, and at last, they came face to face and pointed the gun towards each other.

John dropped the gun, saying, “I can’t do it”. A minute later, Jane’s eyes pooled up with tears, and she, too, dropped the gun. In an instant, John hugged and kissed her. This moment depicts the feelings they deny accepting after knowing each other’s reality.

Mr and Mrs Smith started working on the same target, Benjamin, but later, they learned that he was just bait used by their companies to kill John and Jane as they couldn’t accept the reality of the agent from the enemy companies being together.

Later, Mr and Mrs Smith were attacked by the goons, and their house was burnt down. They managed to escape and fought with the goons. At last, the idea of getting a divorce or killing each other was long forgotten, and Mr and Mrs Smith lived a happily married life.

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