Marvel May Have Found the Role To Bring Keanu Reeves to the MCU


Marvel may have found the perfect role for Keanu Reeves. The studio has tried to cast an unrivalled actor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for many years but finding a good match for The Matrix star has proven tricky. Inside sources say that after years of trying, Marvel and Reeves are officially in talks to reboot the franchise for MCU.

Marvel tries to land Reeves


Over the past few decades, Reeves has cemented himself as one of the internet’s most beloved actors. Although Reeves has a following that is pretty much unmatched, he has yet to star in a major superhero film.

The only time he came close was in 2005 when he starred in Constantine for DC. The movie, however, was not a major success at the box office and only developed a cult following after it was out of theatres.

Marvel has not been shy about its desire to land Reeves, who has been very busy working on other projects in the past two years. Apart from coming out with John Wick: Chapter 4, Reeves lent his voice for Toy Story 4 and is set to release Bill & Ted Face the Music.
Some of these projects are scheduled to open in theatres this year, so they might be delayed depending on what happens with the coronavirus situation.

Kevin Feige Opens up About Introducing Reeves to the MCU


Given Reeves’ standing in Hollywood, there is no doubt that Marvel would love to cast him for a part. According to Vanity Fair, the president of the studio, Kevin Feige, has been very open about his desire to introduce Reeves — the only problem is finding the right role.

“We talk to him for almost every film we make,” Feige shared. “We talk to Keanu Reeves…I don’t know when, if, or ever he’ll join the MCU, but we very much want to figure out the right way to do it.”
Feige faced similar challenges with Jake Gyllenhaal, who was offered several parts before he accepted the role of Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Before Feige’s interview, there were rumours that Reeves was set to play a character in The Eternals. Those reports came out to be false, though Marvel still ended up with a stellar cast for the project, including Richard Madden, Angelina Jolie, and Kit Harington.
While it is clear that Marvel is obsessed about making Reeves a superhero (or a villain), an inside source claims that the studio is about to make that happen.
Did Marvel find the perfect role for Reeves?

A source told that Marvel wants Reeves to play the lead in the new Ghost Rider film. The two sides are reportedly working on the details, but Marvel apparently wants Reeves to play Johnny Blaze.

The source though did not reveal any details about the negotiations, so we do not know if Reeves would be introduced in a crossover before getting his film. Either way, it is safe to say that Marvel is working hard to bring Reeves to the MCU sooner rather than later.

There has also been some talk about Reeves rebooting the Constantine franchise with another film. Those reports have not been confirmed, but time might be running out for Marvel to make a deal.

Inside the ‘Constantine’ Reboot



While nothing official with Marvel has been confirmed, Reeves has been very open about reprising his role as John Constantine for another movie. The original film made $230 million at the box office and received mixed reviews from fans and critics alike.

In the event that DC gets Reeves to return as Constantine, that does not necessarily rule out the actor joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We have yet to see someone play big roles in both camps, but Reeves could be the one who breaks the mould.

In the meantime, Marvel fans can watch Reeves return to the big screens when Bill & Ted Face the Music hits theatres in August (barring any delays).

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