Marvel: New Disney Plus Series Starring Captain America as Nomad


With the slew of announcements that have been coming from the Marvel headquarters, it is high time we got something related to Captain America and his future in MCU.

OG Avengers

Stark Industries was involved in making Captain America and his shield.

With Iron Heart’s announcement Marvel has brought in a way to bring Iron Man’s legacy on to the 4th phase, but Captain America is the only one who has not been referenced or spoken about. Well, unless you count the Falcon and the Winter Soldier trailer.

Well, there is also Morgan H Stark to carry on the legacy of Tony Stark, while Cap choosing to go back didn’t give us any hint on what all happened. But we do know he was married.



While there were some rumors that Marvel would make a series or a movie about the time Cap went back to return the stones and his time as a married man, now some reports are suggesting that a character that was related to Captain America, Nomad, is in development.

With numerous phase 4 and phase 5 projects that were announced, there is no doubt that Marvel will do something about Steve Rogers and his legacy too.

Time as a Rogue Soldier

Captain America First Avenger I Can Do This All Day


According to some reliable sources, it is said that a series is in development that will cover the two-year gap between the Civil War and Infinity War where Cap went rogue. It is said that Cap adapted to the Nomad persona in those years.

When Marvel registered for the trademark for the different titles they announced last week, it is said that it also registered for Marvel Studios Nomad. So, this confirms that Nomad will be coming soon.

Will Chris Evans return?

Captain America| Captain America: Winter Soldier

But no idea if Chris Evans will return to play the role. Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans are pretty sure done with their Marvel deal, and there is no chatter of them coming back. But to be honest, it would be weird seeing anyone else in their role.

While there are rumors that Steve Rogers can take Nomad’s persona, so can Bucky Barnes or US Agent. So, either they make Nomad a part of the MCU by making Bucky or Wyatt take on that role, or there are chances of the character being introduced as a part of the new multiverse theory Marvel has picked up.

Well, no matter who takes on the role, we would love another Marvel series! Without a doubt, 2020 December has been the best month to be a Marvel fan!



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