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After coming back from near-bankruptcy in the 90s, Marvel Studios has arguably made the biggest comeback ever in the 21st century, specifically as the Marvel Cinematic Universe has exploded since 2008, turning many of the Avengers into iconic household names. Moving into 2022, the comic book company has yet another massive year ahead with various comics, movies, Disney+ series, and next-gen video games preparing to hit the market.

Having released five big-screen blockbusters, five streaming series, and two games in 2021, the studio will look to up the ante in 2022 with four movies, two seasonal specials, up to five more Disney+ shows, a major video game release, and more updates to existing titles.

So what does Marvel have in store for moviegoers, TV-watchers, and gamers alike in 2022? The News Fetcher breaks down every Marvel Gaming Experiences that fans can expect to see in the coming year.

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Marvel’s 2022 Gaming Experiences

Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Q3/4 2022

Releasing in the back half of 2022, Marvel’s Midnight Suns will be a tactical RPG from XCOM developer Firaxis Games.

Players will be able to create their own Marvel hero to team up with the Avengers, X-Men, and more to take on the supernatural villain Lilith while unlocking new abilities and exploring the darker side of the comic book world.

Typically, superhero games take the third-person action-adventure root; however, this will be the first Marvel game to rely heavily upon tactics and strategy.

Continued Additions to Marvel’s Avengers

After releasing with great controversy in 2020, Square Enix’s co-op Marvel’s Avengers title continued to release new content regularly into 2021 as Hawkeye, Black Panther, and Spider-Man joined the heroic line-up.

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Moving into the new year, Crystal Dynamics will still be updating the title across all platforms with more heroes, regions, missions, cosmetics, and plenty more.

According to some recent rumors, She-Hulk – played by Krizia Bajos – will be the latest hero to join the game at some point in 2022.

What Does the Future Hold for Marvel?

Marvel is set to have another massive year in 2022, but there’s still plenty more to come going into 2023 and beyond. Between more sequels, spin-offs, and new characters on their way, the MCU still has plenty of tricks up its sleeves with both the X-Men and Fantastic Four in the not-too-distant future.

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On the video game side of things, Insomniac Games is currently developing both Spider-Man 2 – starring Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and Venom – and a Wolverine title. Beyond that, Marvel has plenty more to come including a new blockbuster game from Skydance Games and rumors circulating of a multiplayer title on the way.

Whether you’re looking to read a comic book, head to the theater for a big-screen blockbuster, chill on the couch for a new Disney+ episode, or spend hours grinding the latest games, Marvel has got fans covered across the board in 2022.

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