All Of The Ways The X-Men Could Be Introduced In MCU Phase 5


MCU X-Men In Marvel:

MCU X-Men 1

For now, there is no MCU X Men properties coming to Marvel’s Phase 4. However, Phase 5 appears to be preparing to bring the mutants back into the fold.  And they might do that in a massive way. X-Men, as well as Mutants, are some of the most noteworthy characters in the MCU. They have even surpassed the popularity of the Avengers at one point. Now, however, there is a different question. How well do you think will the X-Men fit into the MCU?

In saying so, there are quite a few ways in which the mutants could emerge into the MCU. While some of these ways are surprisingly mundane, others are massively alarming. The following are a few possible ways judging by our knowledge of Phases 4 and 5 of the MCU.


The X-Men Could Just Show Up In The Marvel Universe:

MCU X-Men 2

We all know how Wakanda, the sorcerers, the Eternals as well as the Kree and Celestials arrive in the MCU. They simply show up. Therefore, it is quite likely that the mutants could also arrive in the same way. This also connects to the confirmation of Blade arriving in the MCU. This clears the fact that vampires were in continuity the entire time. No one noticed them because they lived in secrecy.

The same can be true for mutants as well. Perhaps they have been living underground, all the while hiding their gifts. Moreover, The Xavier School for the Gifted is a place where mutants can foster their abilities in a safe place. Additionally, it is possible that the MCU X-Men is good at being stealthy.

Regardless, the fact here is that mutants might already exist in the MCU. However, perhaps the mutant gene is well hidden. So, some other events could trigger the mutant gene thereby awakening in the larger population.


Marvel X-Men Could Also Be Introduced Through The Blip:

Spider-Man: Far From Home teased that the Blip resulted in holes being formed in the multiverse. However, we later found out that this was Mysterio’s deception. But, the idea of the Blip or Thanos’ Snap causing some sort of glitch in the genetic composition of the society does not seem too far-fetched. Similarly, there could be a possibility of the radiation of the Infinity Stones activating the mutant genes. This way, it could create the mutants as well.

Therefore, if this happens, the mutants are already among the society. This is also a much easier and cleaner way to introduce the MCU X Men in the MCU Phase 5.


The House Of M Could Play An Important Role In The Introduction Of X Men:

There are chances that House of M could be involved in the introduction of the mutants in the MCU Phase 5. Wanda Maximov will take on a more prominent role in MCU’s Phase 4. She will not just appear in WandaVision, but also in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Both of these will also explore more into her grief following Vision’s death in Avengers: Infinity War. Additionally, we will also see her developing her abilities.

Moreover, there are speculations that Wanda’s grief and increasing control of her abilities will result in a House of M situation. And if this happens, Wanda will rewrite reality in some way. This rewriting could also restore life to her father. Her father, in the comics, was none other than Magneto, for quite some time.

Regardless of the case, Wanda is surely being set up for something big. If there is some House of M situation, Wanda might just end up creating mutants.


Maybe The Celestials Could Introduce The Mutants In The marvel cinematic Universe?

MCU X-Men celestials

A recent fan theory suggests that the Celestials made the mutants. This theory further ties the origin of the mutants to the creation of the Eternals. It does have some logical inconsistencies and isn’t completely sound. However, some version or variation of this theory could end up becoming true.

The Eternals are a race of immortals. So, it is possible that the Celestials’ experimentation could create the mutant gene thousands of years prior. This could also have given rise to mutants such as Apocalypse. Therefore, there are possibilities that the gene remained latent until some cataclysm triggered the genetic mutations.

Moreover, tying the mutants to the Eternals might offer further continuity between the earthbound affairs of the MCU and the greater cosmic activity of the universe.


A Universal Cross-Pollination Could Also Introduce X-Men Into The Marvel Universe:

This possibility is apparently confirmed by Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Simply put, it confirms that multiverses do exist. Furthermore, they influence the activity of one another. Therefore, it is possible that possible mutants already exist in the MCU. Additionally, somehow, Strange’s meddling, in reality, will cause two universes to blend together.

If this happens, there could some drastic alterations in continuity. The merging of two universes might alter history entirely. It could also leave various mutants displaced and without a home.

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