The MCU Forgot About One of Thor’s Most Destructive Powers


Thor Powers And His Introductory Film:

Thor Powers

Thor is arguably the most powerful of all superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Thor Powers are known far and wide. He has incredible strength, can summon lightning, and even has the Thor Mjolnir hammer. Moreover, with the power of flight, Thor can face some of the most formidable enemies of the Avengers.

However, during his penultimate battle sequence in his introductory film Thor, the God of Thunder used an immensely destructive power. We have not seen this power ever since, even though there have been many occasions when it would have come in handy.


What Do We Know About Thor’s Introductory Film?

Directed by Kenneth Brannagh, Thor follows the titular superhero after he is cast out of Asgard by Odin. He then lives powerless on Earth before becoming worthy of wielding Mjolnir. Subsequently, he regains his powers as well. Meanwhile, Loki, his mischievous brothers, plans to defeat him using a Destroyer. This is a fire-spewing, indestructible suit of Armor that comes to Earth at the end of the film’s second act.

This next sequence begins with audiences getting a glimpse of the Destroyer’s power. It explodes cars and buildings and scatters pedestrians on its way towards a still-powerless Thor. His friends, the Warriors Three and Sif confront the Destroyer. However, it is still able to fight off their attacks. And during their final stand-off, Thor makes an attempt to reason with Loki. But after a brief pause in the fighting, the Destroyer smacks Thor unconscious and the latter is seemingly dead for a moment. Giving up his life for those on Earth is enough to prove Thor worthy. So, all the Thor Powers are restored, which includes one his most destructive.


What Happens After All The Thor Powers Are Restored?

Thor Powers :thunder

It is after all Thor Powers are restored, that he regains Mjolnir. Then, after clubbing the Destroyer several times, Thor whips the hammer around. He then lifts himself in the air and creates a tornado that sucks up the Destroyer above ground, where Thor can destroy the armored enemy.

According to one eagle-eyed fan, this power of summoning a tornado is never used again in the six other films of Thor. He does fly many times using the same whipping motion of the Mjolnir. However, there is never the same tornado effect. In this regard, many fans point out that a tornado of this kind would cause too much collateral damage. Come to think of it, this does hold true during the Battle of New York in The Avengers and fights in other populated areas.

But, on the contrary, the Battle of Wakanda in Avengers: Infinity War has wide-open spaces. So, if there is enough space for him to light a blue fire between uncountable Thanos’ men, why can he not use the tornado power as well? The same goes for Thor: The Dar World’s opening battle. Here, Thor is armed with Mjolnir, instead of his battle axe, Stormbreaker.


We have been witnesses to many of Thor Powers. The Marvel Universe is rich in lore. Moreover, it has held together in a great manner throughout all of its twenty-three movies. So, the most common explanation for not seeing the greatest of all Thor Powers is that the creators simply forgot about it. It is banal but does make sense in away. Fans will see the God of Thunder yet again in Thor: Love and Thunder. So, if the plot calls for it, the film could present another chance to see Thor whip up one more tornado.

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