Mistakes Happen—Even In the MCU; Annoying Mistake In The Marvels

Ms. Marvel Is Officially The Highest-Rated Marvel Project Of All Time

Fans have discovered a big, annoying mistake in a shot of The Marvels pertaining to Kamala Khan’s origin and powerset.

The goof in question, which was first discovered by X user @hernandy_s and more recently brought back up by Reddit user u/Nazia987, can be seen on the SABER data pad being held by Iman Vellani’s superhero, Ms. Marvel.

Ms. Marvel, The Marvels, Iman Vellani
The data pad, which lists information about Kamala Khan, incorrectly lists her heritage as “Inhuman” and her power classification as a “Polymorph.”

Ms. Marvel, The Marvels, Iman Vellani
These are both irrefutably inaccurate, as Ms. Marvel established that she is a Djinn (and probably mutant), and her powerset is manipulating hard light.


What likely happened is that an artist responsible for creating these little graphics in The Marvels simply pulled the information from a comics Wiki page for the original character, not noticing the major differences.

This hasn’t stopped fans from speculating away, suggesting this is a purposeful hint at things to come—with many citing Black Bolt’s appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Agents of SHIELD’s big Inhuman plot points.

Mistakes Happen—Even In the MCU

While it’s most likely an innocent mistake, it’ll likely be notably frustrating for many, given the backlash Marvel faced when changing so much about Ms. Marvel in the first place.

One would think a detail like this would be caught before it makes it to the screen. But, alas… mistakes happen.


One of the most infamous examples is the title card towards the beginning of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Other hiccups include a continuity error with a Thor line, an incorrect detail about Donald Glover’s Prowler, a goof with Robert Downey Jr.’s mustache, and more.

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