Monster Hunter Rise to finally end in May 2021!

Monster Hunter Rise will finally finish its story in an update that will be released at the end of next May 2021.

Announced at today’s Monster Hunter digital event , the version 3.0 update “will add an additional chapter to the story that will take place after the finale.” It’s unclear exactly what it will entail, but Capcom anticipated the addition by saying, “What will happen to Kamura Village when he takes on his biggest Rampage yet?”

Watch the entire event here:

It’s an announcement that will please many, after complaints about how the base game felt unfinished, when anticipating a major threat, before the game ended abruptly. Rise ends with an unsatisfactory suspense and it seems like it lacks that last layer to really put you to the test.

Many were hoping that update 2.0, due out on April 28 , would add that content, but it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer. Here’s the newly released trailer for ver. 2.0:

Update 3.0 will also add “various” new monsters , so it looks like the new ending will add more than just an ending to finish off the story. It is expected that an announcement will occur more details about the upcoming update.


Hopefully, that update won’t be the only one that keeps adding content to the game. In fact,Capcom will likely end up offering Rise’s own G-rank missions. You know, those enormously difficult missions to offer even more challenges after the end of the game.

Finally, remember that update 2.0, which will be released soon, will include new monsters (Apex versions of existing monsters), as well as the ability to fight Apex monsters in regular missions and not just Rampages.

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