Netflix creates virtual Youtuber for anime promotion!

It’s a great day for anime lovers subscribed to Netflix. 
According to Reuters, the streaming site has just introduced a new character to promotet their anime content.
A video on one of the official channels of the Video-On-Demand (VoD) platform introduced  the public to the virtual influencer, N-ko. The character is expected to interact with users and fans of the genre on this and other social networks.
The new Netflix virtual character is also expected to present the new series and content of the anime category within its platform.

N-ko’s first video on YouTube has already generated more than 40 thousand views, just hours after being published. Check it out here:

Likewise, its ratio of likes to dislikes is overwhelmingly positive, indicating that the public agrees with Netflix’s proposal.

The streaming platform has invested heavily in recent years to release several original series and movies in the anime category.

Likewise, it has also acquired many popular existing anime movies and shows.


The news agency describes the new Netflix character as a “sheep-human life-form“.

This Virtual YouTuber, or VTuber, fuels a growing trend among brands in Japan, who use these digital influencers to interact with fans. 

In Reuters data, these figures sing, dance and perform other activities with audiences. These animations are generally developed through motion capture software.

In the case of Netflix, one of its employees will be the one who gives life to N-ko. The introduction of this VTuber responds to a growing interest in the brand to exploit this category to gain more loyal subscribers. 


According to Reuters, VOD app co-CEO Ted Sarandos told the brand’s shareholders, during a call, that anime and dramas are not only of regional interest. They can also at times be “global in demand and interest.”


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