My Hero Academia Chapter 327 Release Date and Spoilers

Currently, in the manga, the heroes have their proverbial backs against the wall as they struggle to fight against the villains. Also, the meeting between All Might and Stain has left All Might overwhelmed with emotions. Fans are really hyped to know how the next chapter will turn out.

So the most pressing question now is when is the upcoming Chapter 327 releasing. Read on to find out more details!

Release Date of My Hero Academia Chapter 327

My Hero Academia Chapter 327 of My Hero Academia is set to be released this coming Sunday, on 26th September 2021.

Recap of My Hero Academia Chapter 326

In Chapter 326 of My Hero Academia, All Might checks on the hero-hating groups who refused to use the shelter. He then returns to Kamino, Yokohama where Deku battled against Class 1-A. At the site, All Might wonders at his inability to help Deku during the chaos.


Looking at his statue, he criticises himself for disappointing everyone. This is the moment hero killer Stain appears and demands All Might to take back what he said about the hero All Might. All Might then tells Stain that he is looking at All Might in the flesh.

Stain gets angry at this as he doesn’t believe he is All Might and at this very moment, the hero changes into his form. However, Stain calls Might a fraud and points his blade at the hero’s neck. Later, in the chapter, a woman arrives and starts cleaning All Might’s statue.

Stain reveals that the woman comes every day to clean up the mess made by the detractors. All Might is visibly confused about why a woman would travel a long way just to clean the statue. Stain reveals here that she was the last person All Might saved.

What Can We Expect from the Upcoming Chapter 327 of My Hero Academia?


My Hero Academia chapter 327 may probably show Yagi focusing on making himself better as now, he feels separated from his heroism. He may also try harder to get through to Deku.

Deku feels quite lost in his path. He has been like this for a while and also hurt Yagi, the one who encouraged him to chase his dream. It is highly likely that the master and the disciple will have a heartfelt moment.

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Also, in the next chapter, All Might may go after Stain and use the information gathered from Tartarus.

Where to Read Chapter 327 of My Hero Academia Online?

You can either access the manga on Viz Media or Manga Plus. Not only do you get to read the latest chapters of My Hero Academia, you can also other available manga for free.

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