My Hero Academia Chapter 335 Release Date and Spoilers

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In the aftermath of the battle between Star and Stripe and “Tomura”, eventually leading to our beloved hero’s death, everyone’s grieving and trying to make sure that her death isn’t in vain. How will the Heroes including Izuku ensure that her death has some meaning? To find out, read on to find out more about My Hero Academia Chapter 335.

My Hero Academia Chapter 335 Release Date

The upcoming chapter will be getting released on the 28th of November 2021.

My Hero Academia Chapter 334 Recap

Before he is destroyed internally and by the assaulting fighter jets, “Tomura” flees the battlefield in the hopes of finding someone to pass New Order to. He curses All Might for creating the hero society and giving people hope. 

One pilot worriedly watches the wreckage of the Star and Stripe, reflecting on her sacrifice with sadness and praise. Kashiko Kashi, a prison escapee, is hiding out with a fellow ex-inmate when “Tomura” appears out of nowhere. 


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He rests his hand on Kashiko’s face to take his Quirk and render him Quirkless so that he can dispose of New Order to him. The Star and Stripe vestige, however, belittles him just as he’s ready. 

My Hero Academia Chapter 334
Pilot looks at Star’s Remains

In a heartbreaking scene, she proclaims that, even though she could not kill him, the will of heroism hasn’t diminished and someone will put an end to him as long as people rise up to help each other. 

The winner, according to All For One, is the one who lives the longest but deep down, he longs for a hero and calls out to Izuku. The pilots and the Japanese Heroes try to find Tomura, but at Kashiko’s hideout, they find evidence of the conflict.


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 Meanwhile, word of Star’s death travelled around the world, making the rest of the world despair of ever being able to help Japan. They reasoned that sending their heroes to die would expose them to any attacks.

My Hero Academia Chapter 334

Anticipating a social breakdown within their own country, all countries, including the United States, withdrew all aid. Meanwhile, Star’s pilots visit a grieving All Might, who assures him that her sacrifice was not in vain. 


Their fighter jets have a record of the battle, according to the pilots. The next day, they learn that Tomura will be unable to move for at least another week due to Star’s battle with him, which could be considered her parting gift to the Heroes. 

My Hero Academia Chapter 335 Spoilers

The raw scans for My Hero Academia Chapter 335 will be released by Thursday. However,for the time being, we have no lack of speculation to offer. 

My Hero Academia Chapter 334

Deku and his allies are anticipated to be preparing for the next big battle alongside the Pro-Heroes. In My Hero Academia Chapter 334, Shigaraki has eluded capture, but the good news is that his physique is still developing, which means we can relax for a bit. 


The heroes have resolved to make the most of the time Star has given them. After returning to U.A, Deku will battle with his friends for the first time.

Where To Read

You can read it from Viz Media and MangaPlus

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