My Hero Academia Chapter 338 (Yuga’s Redemption) Release Date and Spoilers

Yuga Aoyama: The Traitor In My Hero Academia

In the previous chapter, Yuga and his family get captured before they’re able to escape. As they get interrogated, we begin to feel sympathy for this poor family who’ve been manipulated into doing All For One’s bidding all along. The classmates of 1A react in multiple ways to the betrayal by one of their close friends. Here’s everything you need to know about My Hero Academia Chapter 338. 

My Hero Academia Chapter 338 Release Date 

My Hero Academia Chapter 338 will get released on December 19, 2021. Fans are delighted to have a new MHA chapter releasing every Sunday, making it a cosy day to read all your fav Weekly Shonen Jump manga on a weekend.

My Hero Academia 337 Recap

All For One and His Attitude Towards His “Friends”

When Dabi asks All For One if he’s worried whether his “friends” get caught, he expresses his indifference towards it. He believes that his “friends” are disposable tools who can be replaced in no time.

Yuga’s Parents Made A Sacrifice For Their Son

Meanwhile, Toru and Izuku try to apprehend Yuga and his parents as they try to run away. Yuga sadly ponders how his wealthy parents tried to give him every material comfort in life but since he couldn’t get a Quirk, they went to the length of contacting a man who could give Quirk-less people quirks.

My Hero Academia Chapter 337: Yuga's Quirk-less Past
Yuga’s Quirk-less Past

They did their best to make their son’s dream of becoming a Hero come true. Yuga succeeded and got admitted to UA School, after which on hearing about it, All For One started pestering them with commands.

All For One Commands Yuga’s Parents

  • Inform him when their class is isolated.
  • Second, reveal where their training camp is located.
  • Third and the latest, trick Izuku into going to a place where he’ll be far away from allies and thus, defenseless.

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Yuga’s Family Apprehended

As Yuga prepares to attack Izuku by firing a Navel Laser, Izuku’s Danger Sense activates, but Toru uses her Warp Refraction to deflect the laser. Toru confronts Yuga, telling him that everyone might have died and that Japan has been screwed up, as her face shows briefly, tears streaming down her eyes. The Aoyamas try to retaliate, but Izuku restrains all three of them with Blackwhip.

Yuga And His Family Get Interrogated

All Might, Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi, and the U.A. personnel question the Aoyamas in the U.A. A.V. Room. They’re curious as to how he obtained his Quirk approximately ten years ago. Nezu requests that the kids exit the room, but a distraught Class 1-A flatly refuses. Meanwhile, his classmates express very different reactions ranging from sympathy to outright hostility to this betrayal.

My Hero Academia Chapter 338: Interrogation of the Aoyama family
Interrogation of the Aoyama family

Naomasa enquires of the parents about All For One. They knew nothing, according to the father, except that they followed out his commands, and that if they failed or lied, they would have been murdered. 

The father claims that his son had no idea. Yuga cries as he considers how he could’ve been responsible for the deaths of many people, yet he still acted like they were friends. He felt even worse after witnessing Izuku, a fellow Quirk-less individual, battle so valiantly against All For One.

Yuga: A Chance At Redemption

Yuga announces that he’s been a Villain since he started betraying his allies. Izuku, on the other hand, replies by asking him why he sought to save Katsuki and Fumikage during the Training Camp, as well as the cheese message.

My Hero Academia Chapter 337

He pieces two and two and realizes it was all a cry for help. The chapter ends with Izuku telling him that one mistake doesn’t mean that he’ll be a Villain forever as he extends his hand to Yuga. Yuga gets a chance at redeeming his actions.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 338 Spoilers

The raw scans of the upcoming chapter haven’t been released yet, due to which we’re unable to give you the spoilers you desire. However, they’ll be released most likely by December 17, 2021.

In My Hero Academia Chapter 338 raw scans, Inspector Tsukauchi places Aoyama in the same Muzzle that was placed on Bakugou during the Sports Festival.

Tsukauchi goes on to say that Aoyama may still be working under AFO, and that it’s critical to have him checked out at the hospital so he doesn’t blow up. He asks the Aoyamas why they didn’t alert AFO about the Kamino Raid, but they say they couldn’t reach him since he initiates all of their connections with AFO.

My Hero Academia Chapter 338 Raw Scana: Aoyama

Midoriya then interjects, arguing that only Aoyama can get them to AFO, but Present Mic believes that Aoyama is not yet trustworthy. Lida, on the other hand, insists that they put the past behind them.

This is a viewpoint shared by the majority of his classmates, notably Kirishima.

He also expresses his opposition to the expulsion of Aoyama. Then he begs Tsukauchi to ensure that the Aoyamas do not hear him as he informs Class 1-A of his plans.

Every student in Class 1-A, with the exception of Midoriya, Hagakure, and Aoyama, appears astonished and determined after hearing Aizawa’s plan in My Hero Academia Chapter 338.

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