Dr. Stone Chapter 223 (Cellphone Invention) Release Date and Spoilers

Dr. Stone Chapter 223

Chapter 222 showed Senku making a demo of how a touch-screen is made. The crew is delighted to see something so innovative and useful in life. To know more about what’ll happen next, we’ve gathered some info you will find useful. Here’s everything you need to know about Dr. Stone Chapter 223.

Dr. Stone Chapter 223 Release Date

Dr. Stone Chapter 223 will get released on December 2021. 

Dr. Stone Chapter 222 Recap

Kingdom of Science Crew Makes Outfits

Because Kohaku, Stanley, and Senku are heading to the moon, the Kingdom of Science Crew is making outfits for them. Dr. Xeno accepted Senku and Ryusui’s big offer because it contained Stanley’s rebirth. 

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Stanley Agress To Join The Plan

After bringing back Stanley to life, Dr. Xeno explained to Stanley his new mission, to which he readily agreed. The crew gathers all the materials required to construct spacesuits. 

Dr Stone Chapter 222: Making New Inventions
Making New Inventions

As Ukyo spoke on the lunar mission’s three treasures, Kohaku expresses his excitement to fight Why-Man. Senku is concentrating all his energies on building an oil refinery and thus, has abandoned other science initiatives in order to focus on moon missions.

Senku’s Intriguing Inventions

Senku thinks they can make something before he goes to the moon. Yuzuriha, Kohaku, Gen, and Ryusui talked about how to make a washing machine, video camera, PlayStation 5, slot machine, microwave, Jacuzzi, wine cellar, and protein powder. 

Senku advised him to pick one thing because they couldn’t make everything. Many members of the crew provide suggestions for what might work.


Dr. Stone Chapter 223

Senku remembers that they have gained experience in the manufacture of cellphones and radar. He and Kaseki are repairing a television and discussing electromagnetic waves. 

They make a microwave oven, and Senku demonstrates how to use it. He explains how the oven both warms and cooks the food.

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The Crew Makes a Cellphone

The Kingdom Crew begins to craft everything they desire. They mentioned acquiring a washing machine, a video camera, and other items. Senku asks Taiju if he knows what he wants, and Taiju responds that it is an intelligent cellphone. 

Senku discloses that they are developing a liquid crystal touchscreen for cellphones, and the staff wonders if they can build it. Senku explains how they create it, as well as what Methohxy-Benzaldehyde is. He showed them how to use it. 

Dr. Stone Chapter 223
Everyone’s excited to see a smartphone

Taiju is ecstatic since he’s been wanting one for a long time, and the crew discovered that the smartphone would fit in the pocket. Dr. Xeno assisted them in designing a spaceship cockpit.

Dr. Stone Chapter 223 Spoilers

The raw scans haven’t been released yet. When they are released, we’ll make sure to update it here.


Where To Read

You can read the latest chapters of Dr Stone from Viz Media and MangaPlus.

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