My Hero Academia Ep 104 Preview and Leaks

My hero academia ep 104

Here are the My Hero Academia Ep 104 leaks that fans should be aware of. The episode will air on July 17. The episode is titled “Long Time No See, Selkie”.

Previously on My Hero Academia Season 5, Hawks continues his investigation and meets with the board members of the new organization. He meets Twice, Toga, Spinner, and Dabi who praises him for understanding Destro’s ideas.

He tries to eavesdrop upon their conversation and also investigates how many heroes are part of the organization. On the other hand, Endeavor deciphers the message and realizes that the Commission and Hawks are working to confront the new Meta Liberation Army.


Outside the Endeavor Agency, Burnin tells the trio that Shoto will be working with Endeavor. The rest will have to work with the Flaming Sidekickers. Katsuki gets enraged and Shoto decides to talk to his father.

However, Endeavor comes and tells the trio that he will be working with them. He asks all of them to consider what they want to work on. Izuku wants to control and manifest his powers better. Shoto wants to master the Flashfire Fist. Katsuki wants to learn what he is unable to do.

Endeavor begins their training and gives them a task: they have to catch a villain faster than him this winter.

My Hero Academia Ep 104 should cover the following stories from the manga:

  • Endeavor’s internal conflict
  • Dinner at Todoroki residence
  • Attack of Ending
  • Rescuing Natsuo Todoroki

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