Misato Kawauchi is Burnin, My Hero Academia Season 5

Misato Kawauchi as Burnin

Misato Kawauchi is Burnin according to the official Twitter post of My Hero Academia. She is confirmed to be joining the show’s cast.

Burnin is a pro hero in the My Hero Academia universe. She debuted in Episode 14 in the 4rth season of My Hero Academia. Her real name is Moe Kamiji.

She works as one of the thirty sidekicks in Endeavour’s agency. She possesses a burning hot personality and is very enthusiastic. Her quirk is called Blazing Hair which causes her hair to be coated in flames.

She uses her quirk by grabbing her hair, dislodging its flames, and throwing it at the enemy. As a result of her quirk, she uses the name burning and it also gives her a signature look. She is a part of the Flaming Sidekickers.

Misato Kawauchi previously worked on Kuzu no Honkai.  Her inclusion means that the anime is reaching the  “Internship at Endeavor’s Agency” arc. This means that we will be getting more screentime for the various sidekicks especially Moe.

However, the anime will not air next week. Instead, the next episode will air on July 10. The fourth season premiered in October 2019  and it concluded the ‘Joint Training’ Arc. Crunchyroll and Funimation are streaming the anime.

The new season is set to premiere soon but is already airing in Japan since March 27 This year. MAN WITH A MISSION is performing the new opening song called Merry Go Round and Soushi Sakiyama is performing the new ending Uso Ja Nai.

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