Tokyo Revengers Episode 15 Release Date, Plot, Spoilers, and Other Details

Tokyo Revengers

The 14th Episode of Tokyo Revengers aired on the 10th of July 2021. The new episode threw light on the internal workings of the Tokyo Manji Gang and highlighted the defections common in rival gangs.

Furthermore, it’s revealed that Kisaki Tetta, the one who ordered the murder of Hinata in the previous episode, has become the third division captain in this timeline. This decision comes into direct conflict with what Takemichi planned to do: infiltrate Toman’s ranks. He wants to do this to prevent Kisaki from murdering Hinata again. 

A lot of totally unexpected events happened in Tokyo Revengers Episode 14 that made many fans excited to watch the new episode. We’ve brought you all the relevant information you need to know about Tokyo Revengers Episode 15.

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About The Anime

Tokyo Revengers tells the tale of a man Takemichi Hanagaki who works in a tiresome job with no real future. One day, he hears the news that the Tokyo Manji Gang murdered his ex-girlfriend Hinata and her brother Naoto. 

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 211
Tokyo Revengers

Seeking to alter these events, he finds out that he can go back to the past and hopefully prevent Hinata’s murder. However, he continuously meets new obstructions that force him to keep attempting at crafting new futures.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 14 Recap

In Tokyo Revengers Episode 14, we see Kisaki Tetta become the new Captain of the third division, a decision which many people don’t like. Takemichi realizes that this decision needs to be opposed but his emotions get the better of him. He violently punches Kisaki in the face, which the founding members consider to be an assault on Mikey’s leadership. 

Tokyo Revengers Episode 14
Tokyo Revengers Episode 14: Kisaki Tetta

Later, after the ordeal is over, Takemichi requests Mikey to remove Kisaki from the gang as he’s not a good person. Mikey agrees to remove him only on the condition that he should bring back Baji from Valhalla, a rival gang before Toman and Valhalla fight. If he fails, he’ll pay the price with his life.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 14

Tokyo Revengers Episode 15 Release Date

The 15th episode will be released on the 18th of July JST. In Indian Standard Time, it will be released on 17th July, 2021 at 00:00 AM.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 15 Plot Expectations

Tokyo Revengers Episode 15 will show the struggles Takemichi will have to overcome to bring back Baji Keisuke from Valhalla. However, the road ahead will be riddled with obstacles for him as another mysterious guy with a tattoo on his neck seems to be pulling some strings from the shadows.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 14: The Myserious Man With a Tattoo On His Neck
The Myserious Man With a Tattoo On His Neck

Takemichi sees this photograph of Toman’s five founding members and another unidentified member. Will the identity of the mysterious guy be revealed? What’s his relationship with the other five founding members? Is he an aide of Kisaki Tetta? Watch the next episode and read our website for more thrilling updates!

Where To Watch Tokyo Revengers

You can watch the series on Crunchyroll for fast and timely updates. If you’re in South Asia or South East Asia, Muse Asia YouTube Channel and Bilibili are good options.

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