My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Chapter 113 Release Date and Spoilers

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For a biweekly manga, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes really likes to end every chapter on a bang, literally. In the previous chapter, Knuckleduster was supposed to die along with No. 6 but it didn’t happen. I mean come on, no one would have liked that and it’s all thanks to Soga and Koichi. Still, the battle against No. 6 isn’t over, what will happen next?

To know more about the release date and speculations, go and scroll down. You might just find the answer.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 113 Release Date:

The upcoming chapter is all set to release on November 5, 2021.

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Recap of My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 112:

The chapter begins with the showdown between Knuckleduster and No. 6. The hero says that he won’t underestimate 6 like he did last time. And to counter No. 6’s speed and physical enhancements, Knuckleduster has installed bombs in the building that’ll suck the oxygen out of the air, leading to both of their deaths.

No. 6 shoots knuckleduster my hero academia vigilantes

While the hero was giving his monologue, 6 took his chance to shoot his opponent in the stomach. But Knuckleduster simply continues to punch him, all thanks to the bulletproof vest and some drugs that he took to keep himself active. 

Surprisingly, the bombs didn’t go off because Soga figured out Knuckleduster’s plan and thus disarmed them. He angrily declares that Koichi and him are putting their lives on the line to save people and not to let them die. No. 6 takes this opportunity to flee from the captivity of Knuckleduster and then laughs at both of them.

koichi and no. 6 my hero academia vigilantes

Soga points his gun at N. 6 but 6 knows that the kid doesn’t have what it takes to kill someone. Now, 6 has a clear advantage here, Knuckleduster is down and Soga won’t be much of a help. He takes this chance to kill both of them but before that happens, Koichi arrives to save the day.

Again it is Koichi that interrupted No. 6’s plan, it’s always Koichi no matter what. As the little guy is thrusting himself as well as his opponent in the air, 6’s scar starts cracking up before exploding in the midair. 

What can happen in the next chapter?

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 113 will probably give us yet another battle between No. 6 and Koichi. At this point, No. 6 must’ve attached a sweet designation of arch-nemesis to Koichi’s name.

number 6 explodes my hero academia vigilantes

We might also get to see a short interaction between Knuckleduster and Soga. To be honest, I really want to see both of them in the next chapter. 

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Where to read it?

You can read My Hero Academia Vigilantes on Viz and that too for free. 


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