Tower Of God Chapter 515: Release Date & Leaks

Tower Of God Chapter 515

Tower of God Chapter 515 is set to release soon! In the previous chapter, we saw Baam and his friends finally reach the finish line. It also revealed to us the back story of White and the new character Vincente. In the end, fans were left wanting to know more about the lady and the giant serpent behind the third wall. Will Baam and his friends manage to save Ha Jusung from her?

If you’re interested in finding out more about the upcoming chapter of Tower Of God then read on!

Tower Of God Chapter 515 Release Date

Tower Of God Chapter 515 will be coming out on 31st October 2021. You can watch out for the latest chapter of Tower Of God which is released every week on Sunday.

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Tower Of God Chapter 514 Summary

Here’s what happened in the latest chapter of Tower Of God.

We were taken back to Houaqin’s past in which he was wandering deep in the woods. We witnessed his encounter with Vincente and his conversation with him regarding his endless thirst for power. The two talked about one of his father’s blades which everyone in the family is aiming for. 

Vicente and Hoaqin had a heart-to-heart discussion, and he adds that he is at peace. Vicente is teased by Hoaqin, who thinks he speaks like an old man. However, he is concerned about his unquenchable thirst. Vicente inquires as to what that is, and Hoaqin responds that it is a symbol of strength.

Tower Of God Houaqin And Vincente

They find they are carrying their father’s blood, which gives them superpowers. Huoqin stated how he craves that strength and how his father wields such abilities, and how he believes he will be able to obtain it on his own. 

At Rak and Koon’s side, Rak examines White, who has assumed his youthful form and inquires as to whether White is their foe or not. White looks down, but his expression has altered, and he tells them that they must decide for themselves. White has escaped into the inner world, and the two recognize it. Asensio arrived after they witnessed a tremendous explosion.

Asensio realizes the man is White and believes he can defeat him because he has gotten smaller in size and has short hair. White informed them he wouldn’t fight because he didn’t have any grudges against them. He told them about Hoaqin and his father but Rak is perplexed as to why he should not be eliminated. 

Bam is still unconscious as White explains. And since the game has a time constraint, they discussed the turns and the game. They both agreed not to argue and headed towards the finish line together. Koon wonders why they are following him to the finish line. They both come to a halt, unsure if everyone will jump in.

Tower Of God Chapter 515

Koon mentioned reaching the princess, and they’ll discuss his request. Bam had also crossed the finish line and was on his way to their goal, according to the report. They arrived at the nest in front of the third wall later, where a lady greeted them and thanked them for clearing it faster than the other teams. 

Koon realizes they must get behind the wall, but they will be confronted with a Giant Suspendium and must save Ha Jusung in time.

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Where To Watch Tower Of God 

You can read the latest chapter of Tower of God from Webtoons and Kaminotou.

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