Naruto: A Peek Into The Cover Of Sensei Kakashi


One of the most popular and longest-running anime series-Naruto came to an end in 2018. After 15 years of captivating storylines, battles, and animation, the fans had to bid goodbye to the series.

The fans or Otaku of this series had a roller-coaster ride while watching Naruto. Its next installment, Boruto, is still on the top charts.

Despite the worth of watching strong protagonists and their fights, fans missed out on the revelation of the elite ninja-Kakashi’s face under the mask.

Want a sneak-peek of Kakashi?


The Biggest Revelation Of All Times


Kakashi was the leader and mentor of Team 7 of the knucklehead ninja-Naruto, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura.

With the announcement of the end, the fans were gutted to mark its end without seeing their favorite’s face under his face cover.

Serving their fans suffer, Naruto’s creator opened a Naruto show in Japan. Here he finally revealed the face of Copy Ninja Kakashi.


Anime News Network had attended the exhibition. And introduced the free Official Guestbook Shinden Fū no Sho book for the attendees. They published photos of Kakashi’s face.


Team 7’s Attempt At Revealing Kakashi’s Mask


ANN also said that in the manga included with the book, Naruto and Team 7 talk about the best way to unmask Kakashi’s face. The gang met a photographer named Sukea. He wanted to take a shot of Kakashi’s face because of the Major Scoop.

After a futile attempt, our three ninjas go home, only to have it disclosed that Sukea is Kakashi in disguise and that he exposes his face before taking a bath.


At the end of the story, he says he’s planning to play a little more with Team 7 about what’s hidden under his mask.

Anyway, the fandom was pretty much satisfied with the revelation and had their fantasies fulfilled.

What did you think of the full face revelation of Kakashi Hatake?
Were you excited to finally see what’s hidden behind the fan-favorite character mask all these years? Was it worth waiting, or were you displeased?

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