Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Plot Details and Predictions


Seven Deadly Sins is one of Netflix’s most widely known original anime with the show’s season 5 coming soon on Netflix. The series has been adapted from the manga of the same name authored by Nakaba Suzuki. 

The fifth season is named The Seven Deadly Sins: The Judgement Of Anger. We’d like to note that in this article when the English title is used, the season counting is based on the Netflix standard. 

The anime was first released on October 5, 2014. It instantly became a hit and has given us four installments so far. The fifth season is here! But when? Fans have been hyped about it. Read on to discover more information about the upcoming season of Seven Deadly Sins.

What can we expect to happen in Seven Deadly Sins Season 5?

We know that the franchise has 346 chapters, and the anime series has covered chapter 246. The series will indeed follow the last 79 chapters of the manga. So there’s still an ample amount of story to cover. 

The coming season will feature the Holy War Arc; which means there will be another war. So fans should get ready to see some amazing action-packed scenes with exciting twists and turns. The viewers will also witness Meliodas in his full demon form.

The fifth season official trailer is out, and the fans have been going gaga over it. The trailer seems very enthralling while giving us a brief insight into the plot of season 5. It also unveiled the opening song titled ‘Hikariare’ by Akihito Okano and the closing theme ‘time’ by Sawano Hiroyuki.

Seven Deadly Sins Season 5: Release Date?

Originally, the series was slated to be released in Japan in October 2020; sadly it was delayed owing to the pandemic. The revised date has been decided as of January 13, 2021.


Unfortunately, its Netflix premiere is yet to be announced by the creators. But the viewers probably have to wait some months for it. 

Since the Netflix release date is still pending, international fans are anxiously waiting for the new season. 

If you are also one of the audiences anticipating the release of season 5 on Netflix, always watch out for our new updates and we’ll bring you the latest news!


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