Naruto Shippuden: Did Obito Uchiha Deserve Forgiveness?


While he did try to do the Rinne Rebirth and try to revive every soldier he killed, but it was too little too late, according to many Naruto fans.

Too Many Damages

Obito, who was shown as one of the best soft-hearted ninjas to live, was later revealed to be the masked imposter of Madara, who caused Minato and Kushina’s death unleashing the nine tails on Hidden Leaf on the day Naruto was born.

Even if we choose to forgive that, we can’t forgive how many lives he took to bring in a dream world where everything is fake, and nobody goes out of line. While he had his way of justifying it, many never liked that he was able to get a character change in the end and die as a martyr.


Is he just another Naruto without Iruka?


But we do feel bad for everything he went through. Some compare his life to Naruto’s, but no, he had some things like Naruto but not as worse as Naruto had it. Naruto will always be the one who had it worse but turned out to be the best among the lot.

Obito didn’t have his parent like Naruto but had his Granny, and he wasn’t a Jinchuriki, so he wasn’t ignored by people but was made fun of because of his constant challenges against Kakashi.

But Obito had a sweet guardian angel Rin, who was the kindest and sweetest person you can have by your side. While Naruto had Sakura, she wasn’t always this attentive towards Naruto like Rin is.


Light and Hope


Yes, it is understandable why he lost sight of the light and hope once Rin died, but he went a little too overboard in making sure it never happens again. Nagato was a villain, and he was ruthless, but something about him made us love him immediately.

We knew his past, the things he went through, the wars he saw, the way he had no one around to take care of him, the way his parents were killed just before his eyes; now, these reasons can give a person the push to bring world peace in a twisted way like that of Madara wants, but Obito’s logic fails to satisfy us.

His change in the end by being convinced by Naruto is something we knew will happen from the start, but what didn’t persuade us is the reason for his stubbornness and the reason for him to take it this far. I mean, Nagato gave up far before than him when Naruto spoke.

So, given that he doesn’t have a valid reason, according to many, fans think he didn’t, after all, deserve the forgiveness of Minato and Kakashi.



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