Top 10 Genjutsu Used in Naruto Weakest To Strongest Ranked


Genjutsu might not cause any real damage while it is being cast, but it definitely can weaken your opponent and gives you an extra advantage. Even the best of the best have fallen to it.

In Naruto, we see a lot of powerful genjutsu techniques being used. Many think that Genjutsu is only limited to the Uchiha clan, which is not true.

While they can cast powerful genjutsu with their Sharingan, it’s not the case. Genjutsu can be cast by anyone like ninjutsu or taijutsu.

Here’s a list of all the powerful Genjutsu used in Naruto, and based on their capabilities, we have ranked them for you.

10) Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death


Ever wondered what happened to the powerful Kurenai? They did degrade her powers a lot in Boruto. At first, she was a badass leader, and then she just faded away.

Anyway, Kurenai used this technique on Itachi, well, wrong choice of opponent, but she did try her best.

In this, Kurenai disappears and then suddenly appears near the target, and a tree sprouts under the target, and once the target is convinced they are captured, she comes out of the tree and stabs them.

9) Temple of Nirvana Technique


Kabuto was slick, smart, and actually powerful enough to fight so many Jonin. Kabuto used this technique in what to date is the best Chunin exams ever.

It didn’t affect the ones who were aware of Genjutsu techniques or the Jonin present there, but in terms of scale, this was one of the biggest as it knocked down everyone in the stadium.

Also, remember Naruto fell for it. The kid deserved the sleep, actually, so we don’t blame him.

8) Bringer-of-Darkness Technique


The magic trick of the Senju brothers! This technique, unlike others, doesn’t shut down the victim or paralyze them.

This technique actually shuts down their sense of sight, thus rendering them completely blind. This actually worked on the Third Hokage, who has quite an impressive score on genjutsu areas.

Anyway, the fact that the Senju‘s had their biggest rivalry with Uchiha makes sense that this genjutsu was in play. This genjutsu is actually powerful enough to render any basic Sharingan useless.

7) Demonic Illusion: Steaming Multistoried Building


Even though it looks easy on paper, it is really hard to take down Gengetsu Hozuki and his Clam.

It is almost impossible to locate the original ones hidden in the midst of the areas covered in the mist spewed by the Clam.

He did try to help the shinobi at first by giving out clues to take him down, and once he saw what Gaara could do, his curiosity went to a peak, and we saw how powerful the technique was.

6) Demonic Illusion: Toad Confrontation Chant


This is the most powerful technique used by Fukasaku and Shima. This genjutsu can be applied to over a thousand people, and all it needs is to reach the target’s sense of hearing.

This technique helped trap Pain even with his Rinnegan. Once the target is trapped, four samurai toads appear and lock the target while the caster gives the landing blow in real life.

It is actually really hard to break out of, and it requires a third party to do so.

5) Izanagi


This genjutsu is different from the others as the caster of this jutsu casts it upon themselves. By doing so, they control life and death.

It’s more like a Japanese version of a time machine where the user eliminates the possibility of a fatal injury or any events by turning them into illusions.

This has been used by Danzo in his fight with Sasuke and by people like Madara and Obito.

4) Izanami


The counter and most preventative jutsu when the Izanagi is used. We saw Itachi use this and put Kabuto under a series of loops.

This helped stop the reanimation and turn the war in favor of the shinobi. Kabuto was actually able to break through it.

Now, Orochimaru told how difficult it is, and if he thinks that it’s hard, then no wonder Naruto believed in Kabuto‘s change of heart.

As far as we know, the only way to break out is if you come down on your knee and truly change.

3) Tsukuyomi


This genjutsu which Itachi, with his powerful Mangekyo Sharingan, can cast, had the power to breakdown the likes of Kakashi.

Breaking out of this jutsu is seriously hard, and when the victim does it somehow, they end up traumatized and broken.

A few seconds in the real world could mean years in this world where Itachi has control over time. Slight eye contact is enough for the caster to trap his victim.

2) Kotoamatsukami


Like Itachi, Shisui also had a powerful genjutsu that his Mangekyo Sharingan could cast.

This jutsu lets him enter the victim’s mind and make them do things like they are doing in their own free will.

The best example would be that it was powerful enough to negate Kabuto’s control over a reanimated Itachi. This jutsu makes it almost impossible for the victim to break out of it

1) The Infinite Tsukuyomi


Oh, this, the sole reason why Akatsuki was a pain in the butt to everyone and the reason why the Fourth Shinobi war started.

This one exceeds the others in terms of scale, power, and everything else. Everyone caught under it will be put in a state of a dream while their chakras are being drained.

The only way to avoid it is with the Rinnegan and the chakra from all nine tailed-beasts. The ones that successfully cast this were Kaguya and Madara.

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