“The White Wolf”: The Reason Behind the Name in The Witcher

The term White Wolf is used in the Witcher in season 1, and the backstory to the origin of the name is still not given.


What does Kaer Morhen have to do with it?

If you have read the book or have played the video game, you might be familiar with the reason behind the name, but the series watchers are yet to know about the reason behind that and many other myths in the series.

Season one had just eight episodes; even though they were long ones, they still couldn’t cover every essential myth in the series. The place of origin of the Witchers, Kaer Morhen, is yet to make its first appearance, and when it does, we will probably get to know the background details of Geralt of Rivia.


Kaer Morhen and its importance in the second season!

Geralt of Rivia First look in The Witcher season 2

Even the book readers can’t possibly predict how the series will go. There have been many changes while adapting to the series, which has proven to be the writer’s best decision, so we can’t be sure what to expect just based on the books.

But in the case of the origin stories and the myths surrounding the mythical characters, we can trust the answers we get from the book. With the information we acquired from the second season shooting, we will be introduced to Geralt’s mutant origin place, Kaer Morhen.


Finally, answers to so many questions.

Kaer Morhen is where Geralt and the other Witchers were trained and mutated to become more vital beings trained to kill the enemy in one slice. With this place finally making its appearance, we will finally get Geralt’s back story and why he prefers his Horse Roach over having a company.

The reason behind the name White Wolf according to books is as follows. According to what we already know from the first season, the Witchers are mutated and created to be this stronger version by a series of gruesome experiments.


Trial of Grasses

image: Netflix

One among that was the ”Trial of Grasses” where the apprentices were made to consume unique alchemical ingredients known as the ‘Grasses.’ While many failed to survive this gruesome trail, Geralt did, and it gave him quick reflexes, cat-like eyes, and other bodily enhancements.

Given that Geralt could survive more of these trials better than others, he was in return put to more severe experiments, thus resulting in pale white skin and silver-white hair. So, he was called “Gwynbleidd,” which means ‘White Wolf’ in Elder speech.

We will explore more on that and many other myths, so stay tuned!

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