New Announcement for ‘HunterxHunter’ Series Coming Soon

HunterxHunter is one of the most successful manga and anime works in both of their respective histories. Unfortunately, however, it has not provided any news for years. This is because the health of Yoshihiro Togashi, its author, prevents him from working regularly on the story, although an announcement of some kind about it appears to be coming soon.

Then we will leave you with the tweets of WSJ Manga that has allowed us to know it:

 As we can see, apparently in Japan a series of media outlets have reported that in volume 19 of Weekly Shonen Jump for this fiscal year, we will find information about “HunterxHunter“. This is because it is specified in the same preview of the magazine, although the news that we will receive will probably not be of the nature that is expected.

According to WSJ Manga, the news about “HunterxHunter” will land from a section of the same Weekly Shonen Jump that is usually used to give information about new merchandising or video games. This implies, then, that the announcement for the Toshagi-sensei franchise would have nothing to do with the possibility of adding more manga or anime chapters.

Even so, it is obvious that if a new large collection of figures were announced for example, or even a video game about “HunterxHunter” – given that nowadays more and more manga and anime franchises have their own – they would continue to be novelties. In any case, for now we will have to wait a few days until it is clear what news awaits us, but again it is recommended not to get excited about the possible return of the manga.

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