Kakkou no Iinazuke Reveals First Trailer and Release Date for Anime

After months of rumors, Kakkou no Iinazuke, or A Couple of Cuckoos, joins the list of anime that will arrive in 2022, after the announcement of its official trailer.

A 40-second preview shows us the tangles in the lives of two teenagers who suffer from a peculiar similarity: they were wrongly handed over to the wrong families at birth.

In the technical department, the voice actors who will give life to the protagonists of the story were revealed. With Kaito Ishikawa (Tobio Kageyama in Haikyu!!) and Akari Kito (Nezuko Kamado in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba), the stellar couple will undoubtedly attract many fans of these outstanding voice actors.

Hiroaki Akagi assumes the director’s chair within the Shin-Ei Animation studio, who are currently in charge of the seasonal anime Mashiro no Oto . Yoshiyuki Shirahata participates as co-director of the series, Yasuhiro Nakanashi is in charge of the composition, and Aya Takano will be the one who designs the characters of the story.

The series is described as:

Nagi Umino, who attends the prestigious private academy “Megurogawa”, is informed of the fact that there was a “mistake” that he found out about 16 years after he was born, and that is that they exchanged it with another family. While he was going to see his real parents, he met Erika Amano, who was pretending to commit suicide, but only did it to take a picture, she tells him that she was going to see her future husband who was chosen by her family, so she asked him forcibly pretending to be her boyfriend. After that Nagi meets with her real parents and finds out that he was exchanged with Erika and that he would be her husband.

Faced with the persistence of an arranged marriage from which they want to get out at all costs, the two discover that there are more feelings between them than they could ever imagine. This is at least what the romantic comedy is aiming for.

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