One Piece Chapter 1036 Spoilers: King Is Defeated, Luffy VS Kaidou

King in One Piece

In the previous chapter, King’s identity as a Lunarian is revealed. This makes his subordinates interested in selling him out to get the 100 Million Belly as bounty rewards. This enrages King and he burns them out without any care.

Later, King and Zoro engage in a tough battle, where towards the end of Chapter 1035, we see Zoro severely injuring King’s face and wings. Does this signal Zoro’s victory over King, the secret member of the Lunarian tribe in hiding?

Luckily, the brand-new spoilers of One Piece Chapter 1036 have been unveiled some time back. To find out the outcome of the explosive Zoro VS King battle, read on further.

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One Piece Chapter 1036 Spoilers:

King's New form: One Piece Chapter 1036
King’s New form in Chapter 1035

King Gets Defeated By Zoro

We see King getting defeated by Zoro but before this fight ends for good, we’re given glimpses of King’s past with Kaidou. His friendship with the present Pirate King is heartwarming as the latter  gave him acceptance when he was in hiding and traumatized by the experiments conducted on him.

Fuuga VS Roki and Usopp’s assaults

Fuuga is commanded by Yamato to attack Roki with all his might. In the meantime, we see Usopp trying to multitask like he always does quite well.

Usopp begins his assault on all surrounding enemies while simultaneously protecting his friends like Kinemon and Kiku from harm. Izou offers him help in allowing them some time to escape to safety.

usopp harem: One Piece

Raizou and Fukurokuju

They’re so equally smart and quick-witted that they have activated techniques and abilities which have stopped both of them from moving.


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One Piece Chapter 1036: CPO Defeats X Drake

CPO has managed to successfully defeat X Drake and Numbers Zanki. This outcome leaves Apoo and the Numbers Inbi no other option but to escape.

CPO proclaims that the new pirates of the upcoming generation need to first show their competency. To do so, they have to put the Yankou in humiliation after defeating them. Through that, they’ll get a better idea of what kind of idea the world will take.

X Drake One Piece Chapter 1036
X Drake One Piece

One Piece Chapter 1036: Luffy VS Kaido (Fights and Laughs)

Luffy and Kaido begin their fight to the death by employing all sorts of abilities against each other.  After Kaido beats the rubber boy with his Kanabo, Luffy retaliates against the present pirate King by hitting him with a strong punch too.


This exchange of blows leads to the duo falling down on the ground. Then, suddenly, both start laughing which leaves many confused. Luffy comments that this fight has suddenly become fun and engaging, to which Kaido replies in agreement.

One Piece Chapter 1036 Release Date

You can read this latest chapter on January 2, 2022. You’ll have to wait for two more weeks. You can read it from Viz Media and MangaPlus.

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