One Piece Episode 1008 (Nami’s Surrender) Release Date and Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1046

Here’s everything you need to know about One Piece Episode 1008.

About The Anime

The plot revolves around Monkey D. Luffy, a young kid whose body was transformed into rubber after mistakenly eating a Devil Fruit. Luffy is in pursuit of the world’s greatest prize, called as the “One Piece,” to be the next Pirate King.

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Momonosuke and Luffy

Between 2008 and 2018, it was the best-selling manga for eleven years in a row. One Piece had over 490 million copies in circulation in 58 countries and regions around the world as of July 2021.


One Piece Episode 1007 Recap

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Many men, both on the samurai and Beast Pirates sides, are still transforming into ice oni. Subordinates of Queen feel wronged, and they wonder why he shot them as well.

Queen fires another round of bullets at anyone and everyone, converting more humans into ice oni. Ohmasa is on the edge of stabbing himself since he doesn’t want to harm his comrades.

One Piece Chapter 1029


Hyogoro warns him not to act too hastily, reminding him of Chopper’s actions in Udon. Even though Chopper, as a doctor, wants to aid everyone, he is unable to manufacture the antidote in the midst of the war. Everyone is chasing him now, including Zoro and Chopper, and Queen is dancing like Zoom Zoom Zoom!!!

Queen’s brutality was on display when he used his Excite bullets with his own soldiers. He said that people who have been transformed into ice devils only have one hour before they die.


Queen afterwards dumped one dose of an antibody that could help people who had been afflicted by Queen’s Plague Rounds. He gave it over to Apoo, who began fleeing as everyone chased after him. Chopper requested that Zoro grab the vial so that  everyone could be cured by eating the medicine.


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One Piece Episode 1008 Spoilers

One Piece Episode 1008 Preview


One Piece Episode 1008 Release Date

One Piece Episode 1008 is scheduled to get released on January 30, 2022. Every new episode of One Piece gets released after every 7 days.

  • Central Time: 8:00 PM CT
  • Eastern Time: 9:00 PM ET
  • British Time: 2:00 AM GMT

Where To Read

You can watch the latest episodes of One Piece on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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