One Piece Episode 999 Release Date and Spoilers


Shinobu is on her way to remove the chains that have Momonosuke bound up like a dog. Will she be able to grab the perfect chance to rescue her dear friend because the Queen is busy on the phone arguing and scolding her minions?

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One Piece Episode 999 Release Date

The upcoming chapter will be getting released on the 14th of November 2021. You can watch this anime and its latest episodes on Funimation, Crunchyroll, and AnimeLab. However, the latest ones are available only in English subtitles and Japanese Dub.

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One Piece Episode 998 Recap

After sighting the full moon, the Akazaya Nine and the Minks undergo a terrifying change and begin to inflict harm on the exhausted Kaido’s troops. This began after we saw Kaido transform into a dragon and fly outside of Onigashima castle casting its deadly destructive glare on others. 

Jack and the Number “Fuga” have been attacked by the Three Musketeers. The episode, titled “Zeus Treason?! The Cornered Nami”, shows Kaido in his dragon form, ready to take on the Minks in a scary battle. 

One Piece Episode 998: Akazaya Nine
Akazaya Nine

The Minks decided to employ their ability to summon their Sulong incarnation to battle Jack and the Numbers. When Luffy, Yamato, Big Mom, and the others peek up from inside the Onigashima castle, they see that the real war has begun. The Queen and King are keeping an eye on Momonosuke and shortly notice that Jack has risen.

The Samurai begin cutting down Kaido’s troops, while Luffy defeats hundreds of Kaido’s men with Gum-Gum Gatling. Shinobu is trying to get closer to Momonosuke and noticed that since Queen is preoccupied with the phone conversation, things could progress in her favour. One Piece Episode 999 could highlight the battle between the Samurai and the troops, led by Kaido. 

Shinobu appears behind Momonosuke, but Queen is scolding his soldiers and telling them not to speak at the same time. Shinobu tries to sever the chains encircling Momonosuke with her special Ripe-Ripe Enticement Jutsu. The battle between Yamato and Ulti continues, with Ulti using her weapon, which Yamato deflects with little ease. 



Shinobu: Ripe-Ripe Enticement Jutsu
Ripe-Ripe Enticement Jutsu


Shinobu is quietly practicing her Jutsu, which Robin, Jinbei, and Nami see, and they wish Shinobi would complete quietly. Jack vs. Sulong begins above the Onigashima castle, with Sulong using his ability to manipulate flames to burn them alive. 

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When King returned his attention, he spotted Shinobu attempting to save Momonosuke. He snatches her up and hurls her onto the battleground. Luckily for our protagonists, the chains that bind Momonosuke have been successfully broken. 

King attempted to murder Momonosuke with one strike, but Sanji, dressed in Germa’s Raid Suit, appears at the right time to block King’s attack. The imprisoned man is impressed to call Sanji by the nickname Sangoro.

One Piece Episode 999 Spoilers 

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