Blue Lock Chapter 151 Release Date and Spoilers!

Blue Lock

The previous chapter showcased the pleasant exchange of competition and taunts between the members of Japan U-20 and Blue Lock. While it seems like a small tournament, it might get bigger and fiercer. 

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Here’s everything you need to know about Blue Lock Chapter 151.

Blue Lock Chapter 151 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 151 will be getting released on the 10th of November 2021. Hopefully, we won’t get any delays like the previous month. You can read the latest Blue Lock chapters from the Kodansha US website. 

Blue Lock Chapter 150 Recap

Blue Lock Chapter 150 completely transformed our perspective of the Sports manga that has swept the entire manga world. Since the first time they formed their team, Blue Lock members were allowed to leave the boarding place for all their teammates. 

Isagi and his teammates promptly devised a plan to meet outside. He found Bachira and Chigiri at the cafe when he arrived and some other Blue Lock members, which made him shocked. 

Blue Lock Chapter 149

They all resolved to attack Nagi, who was visibly occupied in an arcade. They continued to have a good time, and everyone was in a happy mood, the calm after their intense match with Japan U-20. 

Isagi, was looking for the karaoke room when he happened to meet Aiku. Their squad had apparently decided to take a holiday too and was enjoying their time there as well. 

The next minute, though they were at each other’s necks, it was obvious that it was all in good humour and banter. They planned to participate in a bowling tournament, with the losing side having to bear the cost of their dinner.

Blue Lock

When they got to the bowling alley, they discovered that Barou had claimed their spot. It’s starting to seem like they might actually have a friendly match not just in bowling but also in football. 

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Blue Lock Chapter 151 Spoilers

The Blue Lock scans haven’t been released yet, they’ll probably be released before 8th of October 2021. Fans of Blue Lock have always been trying to connect characters from the manga to real life.

One such case of this is that of Florentino Perez, who fans think, was featured in that chapter. Perhaps it’s quite likely that the concept of a Super League in Blue Lock will materialize as well.

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