One Punch Man Chapter 158 Release Date and Spoilers

One Punch Man Chapter 167

Garou is fighting the two evil enemies Sage Centipede and Evil Ocean Water. Will Saitama join the battle? To find out more, read this article about One Punch Man Chapter 158.

About The Anime

The story of Saitama, a superhero who can vanquish any foe with a single punch, is told in One Punch Man. Due to his overwhelming might, he has become bored and wants to find a worthy opponent.

There have been 24 volumes published as of December 2021. The remake manga has been licenced for English language release in North America by Viz Media.

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One Punch Man Chapter 157 Recap

Sekingar, Needle Star, and Mizuki are horrified by the appearance of Sage Centipede and Evil Ocean Water. Meanwhile, Garou’s combination assaults work well against Sage Centipede, who has been injured by the Hero Hunter’s attack.

One Punch Man Chapter 157

From a distance, Garou notices a chopper and recognises Tareo inside. He then teases Sage Centipede in an attempt to pique its interest. Sage Centipede, on the other hand, notices that the helicopter behind it is a concern to Garou and warns him not to move. Otherwise, Evil Ocean Water will use its water cannon to fire a missile to destroy it.

Garou is brutally attacked by Sage Centipede and Evil Ocean Water and  is gravely injured. Sage Centipede spots something speeding towards the water and leaving huge shockwaves in its wake at this very time. Saitama is the entity with superhuman speed and leaps towards Evil Ocean Water, striking it with a Serious Punch.


One Punch Man Chapter 158 Spoilers

One Punch Man, Chapter 157 : Saitama arrives

We usually get spoilers from the rough scans that will be released some days before the official release date. While the spoilers are not reliable translations sometimes, it gives us a good idea of what we can expect from the upcoming chapter.

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One Punch Man Chapter 158 Release Date

One Punch Man Chapter 158 is scheduled  to release around the third or last week of February 2022. The release schedule of One Piece manga does not follow a steady release schedule. The mangaka likes to release the chapters according to his own time and priorities, which causes a lot of confusion among fans.


Where To Read

You can read the latest manga chapters of One Piece on the Viz website without worrying about the legal implications.

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