Paid Features In Google Photos Editing Suite?

Google has lately introduced a few exceptional and creative Editing Tools in the Google Photos platform, namely, Colour Pop and Enhance. The tools claim to add a tinge of brightness and magnificence into the image. Users seem to be completely satisfied with the devices after using it frequently to make their pictures look good.

What about the paid feature?

A Google spokesperson recently confirmed that the Colour Pop feature is available for users to add to any photo, except that it will be a paid feature. Although the tool would be available for free usage for pictures with depth information, it’s payable for the rest of the photos. For that, the users have to buy the Google One subscription. The rumors have that Google might be looking into adding more such tools in the Editing Suite with a paid plan.
What does Google say?


Google spokesperson confirms that the feature will remain free for pictures with depth information like the portrait mode. However, the users with a Google One subscription have the choice to edit images in the vast realm. Google plans to add additional premium features to the Google Photos Platform.

Nevertheless, there is still no clarity of which other tools in the Editing Suite would move into the premium features post-Colour Pop, which now sits behind the paywall. In August this year, Google Photos was in the news when spotted testing a cleaner interface for its users. This year, it had given up on its old logo and moved for a simplified design and map view. In the first week of October, it got new editors on android with AI-suggestions and granular controls. As the platform moves through such absolute changes in its interface and features, it is yet to see its plans for its free users and Google One subscribers.

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