‘The Spectacular Spider-Man’ Season 3 Returns? 

The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series ended in a cliffhanger. The cartoon ran for only two seasons between 2008-2009. The fans have undoubtedly rooted to this series as a petition has been started in change.org to have season 3 made. 

Fans were emotionally invested in the series and were absorbed with Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy’s lives. Season 2 ended with a cliffhanger of Peter and Gwen’s romance unresolved and  Norman Osborn/Green Goblin plotting some twist. The cartoon follows the high-school-age of Peter Parker, where he learns important life lessons as both a hero and a teenager. 


A fan prays every night that the show gets finished, and Weisman comes back to write it.

The show was canceled because of various “complicated” reasons. The third season was supposedly planned, but the dispute between Disney and Sony after Disney bought Marvel. The case led to the cancellation of Season 3 and was replaced by a new Disney series, the Ultimate Spider-Man. That being said, there have been instances where fan demand has brought back popular shows. DC’s animated series, Young Justice, similarly ran for two seasons and got canceled in 2016. However, in 2019 the show had been resurrected Young Justice: Outsiders, and reportedly it has been renewed for a fourth season.


Co-developed by Greg Weisman fuelled the return of the Spectacular Spider-Man. A fan tweeted that he/she prays every night that the show gets finished, and Weisman comes back to write it. Weisman, who saw the post, replied with a smiley.

The show, however, has remained true to the comics. All the characters which had roots to the comics had roots. Amazingly even the minor characters were portrayed the same; Peter, Harry Osborn, and Gwen Stacy went to school together, who had a secret crush on him. Peter initially had his interests in Sally Avril, who was briefly shown in the comic- Amazing Fantasy 15. Spiderman’s adventure went along similar lines as Peter’s High school drama as Harry’s father was building super villains under the order of  “The Big Man,” another character from the Spidey Tales. 


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