Pokemon 2019 Episode 89 Release Date And Spoilers


Episode 88 was yet again another really solid episode after last week’s episode! This time, we got to see Drake’s return and Tsurugi and Asahi even made an appearance, occupied with a mission of their own. It was nice to see Goh completing his trial mission without Tsurugi and Asahi stepping in to help.

The part about the Kingdra was fun too as they built it up as a rare Pokemon so Goh catching the Kingdra felt exciting. Including the great OSTs, this was just a really good episode overall! If you’re curious about Pokemon 2019 Episode 89, what are you waiting for? Continue reading the article to find out more details. 

Pokemon 2019 Episode 89 Release Date

Pokemon 2019 Episode 89 is scheduled to release on Friday, November 26th, 2021. 

Recap of Pokemon 2019 Episode 88

Episode 88 begins with Goh getting a request for a trial mission. From the three options, he goes for the one which requires catching a Kingdra. After hearing that catching a wild Kingdra is no easy feat, Goh becomes discouraged but Satoshi boosts Goh’s confidence and Goh makes the final decision to go for it. 


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When they arrive at the Hoenn region, Goh and Satoshi head to the ocean to catch a Kingdra, Seadra or a Dragon scale. And we also got some nice Mantyke and Dewgong action.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 89

After they dive deeper into the ocean with their superhuman breath, Goh finds a small treasure. Soon after, Wailord sends them soaring out of the ocean with its water spurt and through that, they end up meeting Drake. 


Drake agrees to assist them with finding the Kingdra if they help him with his research for treasure. Lucario and Chinchou are also called upon to search the water for anything that might help them and they end up coming across a submerged submarine in the shape of a Kingdra. The next day, Goh and Satoshi head to the submarine and find a Seadra but Goh ends up startling it and it runs away to a sharpedo. 

Then the duo find a treasure box hidden in the control room. The box had a Dragon scale inside and Goh offers it to the Seadra and then it leads them to the Kingdra. Goh comes up with a clever idea to play a recording of a battle featuring Satoshi’s Dragonite as Kingdra are known to indulge in fierce battles with Dragonite. 

Pokemon 2019 Episode 89

Goh then uses his Mantyke to battle the Kingdra and catch it with his snipe shot. Goh finally receives his trial mission token and we also see Asahi and Tsurugi going on a mission of their own to fight Regirock. 


What Are Some Expectations for Pokemon 2019 Episode 89? 

Pokemon 2019 Episode 89

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The preview shows that Piplup has been kidnapped and the gang are going to go look for it. Team Rocket are also shown as really competent thieves making use of the wormholes- like an alternate dimension Team Rocket. We then see Goh and Dawn make an appearance. 

Also, we get to see Dialga and Palkia battling each other. This upcoming episode will probably explain the wormhole stuff and give us more clarity. The gang may come to know by the end of the episode that the fight between Dialga and Palkia are the cause of these wormholes. 


Where to Watch Pokemon 2019 Episode 89 Online? 

You can watch the series on sites such as Netflix, Pokemon TV. It is also available on Amazon Prime Video UK.

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