Pokemon 2019 Episode 88 Release Date And Spoilers

Episode 87 was a good episode that had its emotional moments. It also did good showing Chloe’s character growth. After this lowkey fun episode, what’s in store for Pokemon 2019 Episode 88? To find out its release date, recap and spoilers, head down below! 

Pokemon 2019 Episode 88 Release Date

Pokemon 2019 Episode 88 is scheduled to release on Friday, November 19th, 2021. The title for the upcoming episode is “Trial Mission! The Deep Sea Diver Research Team”. 

Recap of Pokemon 2019 Episode 87

Pokemon 2019 Episode 88

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Episode 87 was a really decent episode with a lot of emotional feels included. It begins with a scene featuring the character Regina who has newly arrived at Vermilion City. Then in the next scene, we have Satoshi, Goh and Chloe who are leaving the lab to head to school. Satoshi is feeling a little nervous about going to school. 

On their way, Chloe notices Regina playing with her Glaceon at the park. At the school, we are properly introduced to Regina’s character and we learn that she’s a new transfer student whose parents are working in the city so she’ll be around for some time. 

Regina left Glaceon in the garden as she had to leave for school but Glaceon senses that Regina could be in danger and comes to her aid, using blizzard on all of the other students. One main reason Regina’s parents came to Vermilion City was to have Professor Cerise look at Glaceon and fix it. 

Now, back at school, after the blizzard incident, the other students are wary of Regina and don’t want to be friendly with her anymore. But this doesn’t phase Chloe who excitedly rushes to be friends with Regina.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 88

Regina heads to the teacher’s office thinking she’d be expelled but Satoshi, Goh and Chloe show up and take her side, pleading with the teacher to let her stay. 

After a while, Glaceon collapses and is taken to Professor Cerise who oversees the treatment. He says that when Glaceon starts getting too worked up, its temperature drops very low and so this happens to Glaceon.

Regina makes amends with her parents and their relationship is rekindled. This suddenly brings a bout of inspiration in Regina to change and she heads to school and apologises to everyone. 

Regina decides to make a Winter Playland happen and all the kids have fun there and Satoshi’s Dracovish also makes an appearance.They all end up making a really amazing playland. The episode finally ends with the gang receiving a package that says that Regina is doing much better and is even taking part in some battles now. 

Pokemon 2019 Episode 88

Overall, this was a good episode that also highlighted Chloe’s growth in character in how she acted as sort of a big sister to Regina.

What Can We Expect From Pokemon 2019 Episode 88? 

Pokemon 2019 Episode 88

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The preview of Episode 88 shows Drake returning. He is one of Hoenn’s Elite Four and we see him telling the gang that they have to help him with his job which is treasure hunting in exchange for his advice. Goh’s trial mission is to capture a wild Kingdra. 

We can definitely expect Goh to complete his trial mission. From the look of the preview, it seems like an exciting episode and Tsurugi and Asahi may make an appearance. 

Where to Watch Pokemon 2019 Episode 88 Online? 

You can watch the series on sites such as Netflix, Pokemon TV. It is also available on Amazon Prime Video UK.

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