Pokemon 2019 Episode 94: Erika Returns! Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Details

Pokemon 2019 Episode 92

Episode 93 was a really wholesome release- an absolutely apt way to start out the first episode of the new year. While the fight scenes could have been more extended, this episode did great in another area. It gave viewers a really cute backstory about how Renji and his beloved Magnemite, Françoise met each other.

The flashback moments are interspersed with the struggle in the present time to protect Françoise from the rest of the Magnemite who are all acting crazy. What’s in store next in Pokemon 2019 Episode 94? Read on to find out all the details we know about the upcoming episode.

About Pokemon 2019

This 2019 installment of the iconic 90s childhood show Pokemon follows the adventures of Ash Ketchum and the new protagonist Goh as they embark on a journey together across all eight regions of the Pokémon franchise, including the new Galar region from Pokémon Sword and Shield. Other supporting characters include Professor Cerise, a Pokémon researcher who oversees the missions of Ash and Goh, and his daughter Chloe, Goh’s childhood friend.

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Recap of Pokemon 2019 Episode 93

  • The episode begins with Renji receiving a package in the mail which ends up being a lamp. He says that it is his dear Françoise’s favorite lamp to feed off of the electricity.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 93

  • Pikachu offers to charge him up instead but Magnemite turns him down.
  • When Renji is about to narrate the backstory between him and Françoise, the lights suddenly go off. As professor Cerise explains what the problem could be, Kikuna calls and asks Renji if Françoise is alright.
  • The reason she asks this is because the Magnemite in the city are going crazy. While they are in the middle of finding out the reason behind this outbreak, Françoise also begins to get affected and act crazy.
  • When Renji tries to call it back into its pokeball, it refuses. Renji quickly thinks up of an idea and puts an aluminum foil on its top screw as it stops the waves from affecting Françoise.
  • They all want to investigate the matter further but Françoise is embarrassed of the aluminum foil so they cover it up with a cute little hat.
  • Ash and Goh call forth Flygon and Dragonite. Because Renji has a fear of heights, he tries to distract himself by telling them the backstory he didn’t get to share earlier.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 93

  • He says he met Françoise at an old cafe he used to frequent. Then, a wild Magnemite came in and started taking up all the energy from the chandelier.
  • At this moment in the present, a group of Magnemite show up near them and try to kidnap Françoise. Ash then orders Pikachu to use Electroweb. It only drives the Magnemite away temporarily.
  • In fact, they simply eat up the attack and, attracted to the electricity, even more Magnemite gather around. Ash then orders Dragonite to use Hurricane and tells Goh and Renji to proceed ahead while he distracts the group of Magnemite.
  • Renji and Goh land but the Magnemite are still pursuing them. So Goh takes Grookey in his lab coat to help him distract the Magnemite.
  • Meanwhile, Kikuna figures out that the cause for this outbreak is coming from space.
  • As Goh is surrounded, he sends out Cinderace to take down the Magnemite as well as gain battle experience.
  • While attempting to escape, Françoise reveals himself by mistake and all the Magnemite stop targeting Ash and Goh and instead head toward Renji.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 93

  • Then, we get a flashback scene where the owner of the cafe that Renji used to frequent, gives Renji the lamp to take home as Renji is now going to take care of the Magnemite.
  • In the present, as Renji is surrounded, Françoise goes ahead to defend Renji but during the commotion, the aluminum foil hat falls off and Françoise joins the rest of the Magnemite and they all start combining together.
  • Renji then asks Pikachu to use Thunderbolt as it might distract them and lead them to demagnetize themselves so they can eat up the electricity.
  • Fortunately, the day is saved when the satellite in space shuts down at that moment. Then, we find out that the cafe has reopened and we also learn an adorable tidbit of information that Françoise was named after the cafe’s name itself to honor the place where they met.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 93

Preview and Expectations of Pokemon 2019 Episode 94

Pokemon 2019 Episode 94

  • The title of the upcoming episode is “The Heracross Loss, and the Pinsir in Love”.
  • In Episode 94, a Liligant makes its way into the lab and Ash notices that Heracross is acting weird.
  • It seems Heracross is acting this way because Liligant used a move to influence Heracross’s behavior.
  • We also get a scene with Erika. Chloe says that they’re going to indulge in a Pokemon flower arrangement class which is to be headed by Erika.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 94

  • Goh says that he will support Pinsir in its attempts to impress Heracross.
  • This will mostly be a filler episode. But a good one at that. There is sure to be a lot of comedic moments in the upcoming episode.

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Release Date of Pokemon 2019 Episode 94

Pokemon 2019 Episode 94 is scheduled to be released on Friday, January 21, 2022.

Where to Watch? 

You can watch the series on sites such as Netflix, Pokemon TV. It is also available on Amazon Prime Video UK.

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