Edens Zero Chapter 175: Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Details


Another banger episode with Shiki and the Edens Zero crew doing the mandatory power flexing after the time skip. They completely manage to overpower and outsmart Feather and the IUA.

The only problem is even after escaping Feather and her army, they still need to think of a way to outrun Feather’s fleet which is known to be the fastest ships in the Union Army. However, somebody steps up during this pivotal moment! Curious about Edens Zero Chapter 175? Head down below to find out major spoilers!

About Edens Zero 

The manga follows the life and adventures of Shiki after he first encounters Rebecca and her feline companion Happy in Granbell Kingdom. When they realize that Granbell may have become too dangerous for them, the three of them embark on an adventure through the Sakura Cosmos, with an objective to make more fun videos and also find the elusive goddess Mother. Shiki is determined to achieve this goal and explore the entirety of space together with his new friends.

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Recap of Edens Zero Chapter 174

  • The chapter begins with Shiki and crew about to head out towards Feather and the Interstellar Union Army who have surrounded them outside.
  • Master Noah expresses skepticism about their plan to face Feather and her army head on. To this, Happy and Pino reply that everything will work out as Shiki and the crew are very powerful themselves.

Edens Zero Chapter 174

  • But Noah further hands out a warning about Feather’s ability to see people’s locations and thus predict her enemy’s movements.
  • Unaffected by this, Shiki and crew are more determined than ever as they head out. Right away, they’re met with a shower of gunfire. But Shiki’s gravity powers manage to deflect all of them and change their trajectories.
  • Feather’s men are shocked at this but she’s not surprised as she already predicted it. Giving them orders to continue firing, she ether connects to team Alpha in the meantime.
  • This allows the army to use Feather’s powers temporarily.
  • Then we see several panels of the various crew members successfully fighting off the army. Weisz heads for the Connect team and despite Feather’s men predicting Weisz’s movements, Weisz still executes his moves perfectly and finishes his opponent off.
  • Meanwhile, Connor is getting impressed by the crew’s fighting spirit and powerful teamwork as he watches them. Noah tells him that the crew is a true family; since they’re all orphans, they really learnt to cherish the bonds they have with one another. We can see that this revelation has much impact on Connor.

Edens Zero Chapter 174

  • While some of Feather’s men on the Alpha team question how the Connect team is losing to the crew when they have the upperhand in predicting all their moves, Homura says that it’s because despite seeing their movements, they’re no match for the crew in terms of strength and ability.
  • After saying this, she promptly proceeds to charge at them with a quick slash.
  • Right then, when Feather looks like she’s about to unveil the next trick up her sleeve, Shiki suddenly appears in front of her. Feather is surprised as Shiki is not in the location she predicted.
  • Shiki cheekily bids her goodbye and she’s about to stop him when she realizes she’s been pinned to the ground by Shiki’s gravity powers.
  • But despite escaping her, the next problem is that Feather’s fleet has their ship surrounded so it won’t be easy for them to leave the planet. Hermit and Sister discuss how they’re possibly going to outrun Feather’s ships as they’re known to be the fastest in the Union Army.
  • This is when Connor shows up to everyone’s surprise. We know how he’s been watching them since earlier and probably inspired by the crew’s strength and devotion to one another, he’s now here to offer help. He’s confident that he’s up for the task to outrun Feather’s fleet.

Edens Zero Chapter 174

Spoilers and Leaks of Edens Zero Chapter 175

  • The title of the upcoming chapter is “The Courage, Captain”.
  • In Chapter 175, Connor will go full on captain mode, thoroughly impressing the crew with Shiki even commenting that they’ve now found the Captain of their ship.
  • Feather continues to chase after the Edens Zero ship. But through Captain Connor’s successful navigating, the crew will manage to escape Feather and her fleet.

Edens Zero Chapter 175

  • We’ll also see Holy later on a call with Feather. She knows that Shiki and the crew are heading to Lendard so she says it’s her turn now.
  • Racer/Sawyer of Oracion Seis from Fairy Tail will also make an appearance in the next chapter. He’ll be featured as one of Feather’s subordinates.

Edens Zero Chapter 175

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Release Date of Edens Zero Chapter 175

Edens Zero Chapter 175 is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.

Where to Read? 

You can read the upcoming chapter and the rest of the series on Amazon Kindle, ComiXology, and Crunchyroll.



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