Reiner’s Greatest Strengths In Attack On Titan That Make Him Awesome!

Reiner's Greatest Strengths In Attack On Titan

Starting off the series as one of Eren’s fellow Scouts in the Survey Corps, Reiner Braun was eventually revealed to be one of the main antagonists in the early acts of Attack On Titan. Over several years, he has gradually transformed from an enemy of Paradis into one of humanity’s saviors. Here is everything you need to know about Reiner’s greatest strengths.

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Reiner Is Loyal To His AlliesReiner Loyalty to his allies

Reiner was even more loyal to his allies than he was to the Marleyan state. He had a particular allegiance to Annie and Bertholdt, especially after Marcel got eaten by Ymir. His loyalty was seen when attempting to prioritize Annie’s liberation over capturing Eren.

Though fighting valiantly, he did not manage to defeat Zeke. Therefore, the second battle for Shiganshina was fought under Marley’s terms, not Reiner’s. Nonetheless, his attempt proved that he was as loyal to his friends as the heroes of Paradis were to theirs.

Reiner Is Incredibly Resilient

Reiner is perhaps the most tenacious Warrior that Marley ever recruited. In addition to being one of the few soldiers to escape Paradis. Though once contemplating taking his own life, Reiner rejoined Marley in hopes of stopping Eren from rampaging in Liberio.

Despite needing further convincing, he even agreed to fight alongside the allied coalition when staving off the Rumbling. Reiner mustered the courage to face Bertholdt’s spirit and contend with many of his former friends once they’d been turned into pure titans.

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Reiner Is Powerful In Both Human & Titan FormsReiner Power In Both Human & Titan Forms
Reiner's Greatest Strengths In Attack On Titan

Regardless of the form he takes, Reiner is a physical powerhouse. In titan form, he had enough strength to launch Eren hundreds of feet in the air with a single punch. He is just as mighty in human form. Reiner Eren’s superior during the cadet corps’ combat training, but he was also the only character to lift a pure titan over his head and throw it.

Reiner’s Durability Makes Him A Dependable Friend

Reiner’s durability has come in handy time and again. It made him completely immune to Scout blades, typical munitions, and even the attacks of most pure titans. He has often put it to use, whether protecting Zeke at Fort Slava or shielding Annie during the battle for the Yeagerist port.

While certain attacks, like crystallized fists and thunder spears, make Reiner’s armor obsolete. He is still in a much better position to withstand abuse than any of his colleagues. As a result, he earned his title as the Shield of Marley.

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Reiner Is A Selfless PersonReiner's Greatest Strengths In Attack On Titan

Despite debuting as a villain, Reiner has always been selfless. He spent his childhood attempting to reunite his parents and much of his adolescence doing what he thought would save humanity. Reiner has risked his life time and again for the sake of his allies.

Moreover, he was even apologetic to Eren when encountering him again at Liberio. If Reiner had been born under different circumstances, he would have made for a charismatic hero.

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