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Here Are 5 Waifus From Attack On Titan (You”ll Love Them)

Attack On TItan Waifu

An anime waifu, is often a female character with desirable qualities including beauty, intelligence, personal loyalty, certain talents/skills, who seems like the perfect life partner. The following is a list of the top Waifus from the popular anime, Attack On Titan.

Mikasa AckermanAttack on Titan, Mikasa

Mikasa is a buddy from Eren’s youth and a member of the illustrious Ackerman clan. Early on in childhood, she developed a thirst for blood, which was essential to the development of her personality. She saw the strong consume the meek and weak, and this gave her a profound awareness of the severity of nature.


Sasha BrausSasha, Attack on Titan

The Scout Regiment is given life by Sasha, our favourite potato lady, in her own ethereal style. Even when things are dire, she manages to be positive. She is willing to risk her safety to protect her pals. With her fearlessness and unending love of eating, Sasha makes it virtually difficult to not like her.


Annie Leonhart

Annie is a fighter who doesn’t hold back. She is a skilled fighter who never loses composure and is able to take down her adversaries. She is best known for her unique fighting style, which has allowed her to defeat Eren twice.

Historia ReissHistoria Reiss

Historia Reiss is an intriguing character as a result of her regal heritage. She experienced a lot as a child, yet she never allowed it to break her spirit. She is a waifu that anyone would be happy to have because she has heavenly features, a good soul, and amazing brains. Even in the middle of upheaval, her bond with Ymir remains strong.

Hange ZoeHange Zoe

Because of her “Mad Scientist” attitude, Hange Zoe is a brilliant thinker who can tackle challenging challenges. She always exudes zeal, at least until things go wrong. One of the things that make her admirers appreciate her is her extremely unusual attitude.


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