Robert Downey Jr: Unknown Facts About Hollywood’s Megastar


If you are an ardent fan, then there are chances that you remember every part of his life that was in the open. So, help us jog your memory through these facts about one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Robert Downey Jr.

RDJ is undoubtedly one of the most famous stars on Earth. Even though he got a good start in his career and kind of got it easy in life, it didn’t stay the same.

RDJ went through a lot to become who he is now, and he reinvented himself and is the man we love and adore now with so much dedication. On his 56th Birthday, it is our honor to bring in every unknown fact of our all-time favorite MCU star.

Detour To Stardom


Every fan knows about the detour RDJ took before he went on his knees. RDJ had some bad run-in with laws and was often in trouble.

He suffered a lot with his addiction, and his wife, Susan Downey, was the one who helped him snap out of it.

Susan married RDJ in 2005, and it took him some years to heal. She gave him an ultimatum, and that finally worked for Downey.

In just three years of their marriage, Susan Downey made a decent man out of him, and he kickstarted his career as Tony Stark. Well, we know the rest….

Not only did Downey have to let go of his past, but he also had to overcome his addiction. He is and will always be a hero for turning his life around.

Criminal Record & Movie Promotions

Even though Tony Stark‘s role became a success and everything else went smooth with Marvel from then on, it wasn’t easy for Marvel to choose him.

There are many reports that Marvel had their doubts about him. Marvel is very keen on the people it hires, so no wonder they were doubtful.

But everything went well because they took the leap of faith. Downey even had to cancel some promotions in Japan for Iron Man in 2008 because of his criminal records.

The Next Generation DUI

RDJ has been sober for many years now and has been open about his past. He even has spoken about how it was hard on the people around him.

It was RDJ’s father who first gave a taste of the dark side for him, and even though RDJ tried his best, he wasn’t the perfect father to his son, Indio Falconer Downey.

Indio has had some problems with the drugs, but thanks to RDJ and his long experience in the area, he was able to help him.

RDJ as Batman?

If RDJ hadn’t been selected as Iron Man, there are chances that we would’ve seen him play another millionaire, playboy, superhero.

He was supposedly eyeing for Batman‘s role, too, but fate as we know it had other plans.

Farm Loving Family Man

Well, the image of Downey we get is him being a funny, cool, partying guy. But that went down the drain in 2003.

RDJ has been sober ever since 2003 and has two kids with Susan and one from his previous marriage.

He is still cool and funny and enormously talented, but he is also a family guy who lives with his own collection of farm animals.

We will always be a die-hard fan of him even if he is no longer Tony Stark! Happy Birthday to the legend, the myth, Godfather of MCU, Robert Downey Jr!

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