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Phase 4: Tony Stark’s Death to Affect Armor Wars’ Plot


With Marvel gearing up to take over streaming platforms with its fired up arsenal for phase 4, all we could wonder is if any familiar or dead faces will appear in those phase projects.

Better and Improved

Many thought Marvel would lose its pace and its audience with the death or aging of many original Avengers; boy, were they wrong?

Marvel has come out stronger and improved (not that it needed to), and fans are just excited to see their heroes on screen again.

We have been given the absolute privilege of enjoying the Marvel show for the past few weeks, and as the action part of the series nears, we are getting back into the Marvel vibe.

That being said, we also heard that there would be many crossovers from here on out, and most probably, every franchise will get a series on Disney Plus. With all that, we earnestly wish Marvel had come up with this idea in phase 4 itself.

James War Machine Rhodes

With War Machine getting a separate series named Armor Wars, we know that Tony would’ve been so proud for his buddy. The official synopsis for the series already involves Tony, and if he had been alive, he would’ve definitely played a significant role.

With Tony out, it is in War Machine’s hands to take on his role a little and protect the legacy Tony created.

“A classic Marvel story about Tony Stark’s worst fear coming true: what happens when his tech falls into the wrong hands?”

Stark Tech

So we now know that someone is getting hold of Stark tech; we already saw what an employee of Stark Industries could do in Far From Home, so we know whoever this villain is, it is going to be a pain in the butt for James Rhodes.

That being said, that will be most likely less of work for him considering the previous job, babysitting Tony Stark. It was no piece of cake, and Rhodes took the liberty of letting Tony know that often.

With the plot details not that clear yet, all we know is James will miss his best friend and will do anything to keep his legacy and will let anyone do any harm with what Tony has left.

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