Shang-Chi Updates: New Action Sequence and Closed Set


By now, most of the Marvel series and movie productions are underway. Even though the coronavirus doesn’t seem to leave Earth’s inhabitants alone, humans have evolved to work around it.

With so many precautions and safety measures, studios have started working again. It hasn’t opened back in full swing, but it has opened to make the movies long due by now.

Shang-Chi Vs Pandemic


Shang-Chi was initially set to release in February 2021, so the movie shooting was in full swing when the world came to a crashing halt in March 2020. Since then, it has got two postponed dates. As of now, the date remains to be July 9, 2021.

If Marvel wants the movie out on that day, then that means it restarts the production as soon as possible. According to sources, the film’s principal shooting was done in Sydney, and now the cast has shifted base to San Francisco.

Time To Get Back In Action


October is a big month for Marvel this year, as most of the phase, four movies and series have restarted production, and some of the most anticipated movies like Spider-Man 3 and Doctor Strange, start their production for the first time this month.

Closed Marvel Set Rules

Like any other Marvel set, everything the viewers see cannot be captured in the form of photographs or videos, but somehow fans try and get something out of their set visits. We couldn’t find anything much, but according to a video and an image from what seems to look like the Shang-Chi set in San Francisco, they are shooting an action sequence.

What’s a Superhero Movie without a Car Chase?

Actually, it looks like a car chase. The video shows a car chase scene and a big bus cutting the car off to another street. Since there hasn’t been any Sang-Chi movie before or any character related to the comic book character, we don’t know what is, and fans are not involved in spinning theories.

Marvel Looking For Diversity

If the movie impacts and satisfies the fans, you could definitely expect thousands of theories just one day later. We hope this Asian Superhero attempt is received just like Black Panther was received with an open arm.

It looks like Marvel is trying to bring in diversity in its phase 4. With its introduction of Kamala Khan in its new Disney plus series, Marvel introduces its first Muslim superhero ever to its film audience.

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