FATWS Updates: The Main Villain of Falcon and The Winter Soldier Revealed


Even though we so badly want Chris Evans to return as Captain America, there is a lesser chance of that happening as each day dawns. But Falcon and the Winter Soldier is here to fill that void.

FATWS Spoilers Ahead

Like not now, we would’ve to wait till 2021 to get the void filled, so until then, why not fill it with theories, rumors, and spoilers. Okay, with that, I warn you, the below article has a lot of spoilers, so please refrain from reading it if you hate spoilers.

FATWS has been back to work in full swing. The current scenes are being shot in Prague, and we have been updated on the spoilers and what to expect by Fandimefilmu, an Instagram account.

John Walker 

The account shared a video last week from the set which saw the comic book character John Walker played by Wyatt Russell, almost killing Noah Mills’ character. Noah Mills‘ character in the series is unknown, but fans right now have a pretty good theory of who it might be after seeing a newly released set video this week.

Wyatt Russell to appear as John Walker aka US Agent.

To those who haven’t read a comic book but are a fan of MCU, then let me enlighten you. John Walker, in comics, takes on the mantle of Captain America. He suddenly turns against everything that Cap stands for after the title is passed on to him. Finally, then Steve Rogers confronts him and strips him of the title.

But in the series, as Cap is now according to Endgame, an old man, there is no way Steve Rogers might do the confrontation. It probably might be the one who has Roger’s shield now or long-time pal, Bucky.

Fictional Swiss Location

The video released this week shows the changing of the guard in front of what looks like a paramilitary unit. The set is actually set in the Monastery of St. Gabriel in Prague, which is supposed to make it look like a fictional swiss location. Now the critical thing to note here is, the uniform which kind of resembles the uniform of a comic book army, U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M. If that is true, then it all makes complete sense according to some fans.

Flag Smasher may be the villain in FATWS.

In that case, Noah Mill’s character, which was seen almost squashed to death in the footsteps by John Walker, might be Flag-Smasher. Flag-Smasher being U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M’s head, there are chances he is holed up in the unit hiding from his enemies.

The Big Bad Villain

The uniform, the location, and the anonymity maintained by Marvel on Noah Mills’ character mean only one thing, Flag-Smasher is making his first appearance in MCU. And if Flag-Smasher is present along with John Walker, we think that these two will be hard enough to control by the new Captain America squad that is left out after Endgame. So, that gives us a clue that Flag-Smasher might be the big bad villain in FATWS.

Anywhooo, nothing is of sure now, and we would only know what is what when the series finally streams in Disney plus.

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