Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation To Release Soon?

Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation

Written by the Manhwa artist Chugong, Solo Leveling is a visual web novel that has amassed a gigantic fan following in South Korea. It first became available for reading on the popular platform for comics, KakaoPage from the 25th of July, 2016.


Originally released as a web novel, the Solo Leveling Manhwa adaptation became a widely read Webtoon. Read it here. Many fans are hoping for a Solo Leveling anime adaptation soon. 


There has been a very heartening trend of many popular webtoons (Tower of God) getting anime adaptations. Rumors and speculations of an anime adaptation releasing soon have engulfed the internet. That’s why it’s become increasingly harder to separate fact from mere fiction. 

Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation


So, in this article, we’ll be giving you the details about the possibility of a Solo Leveling anime adaptation.

Is Solo Leveling Going To Be An Anime?

Solo Leveling has one of the most captivating plots, most endearing characters, and motivating character development. That’s why it comes as no surprise that Solo Leveling fans have been demanding an anime adaptation earnestly. 


Since the official announcement of a Solo Leveling anime hasn’t arrived, it’d be hard to pin down a release date for it. However, according to reliable sources, the production seems to have already started silently and the announcement might come soon.

The media house DNC Webtoon has even released a Solo Leveling Trailer, which is a good indication of the anime’s release. Many fans want the reputed animation studios like Madhouse and Ufotable to produce the anime.



Many fans have started a online petition to get the anime studios’ attention, where the minimum target is 150,000 petitions. Sign it here!


Is Solo Leveling on Netflix?

Solo Leveling isn’t on Netflix. But fans are hoping for Netflix to produce this anime, as Netflix has produced many original anime like Great Pretender. Like many other fans, you can also fill forms requesting Netflix to produce or stream unavailable movies and shows.

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