Solo Leveling Chapter 162 Release Date, Spoiler and Other Details

Solo Leveling Chapter 162

There are so many questions after the previous chapter that Solo Leveling Chapter 162 must answer! Chapter 161 has been without a doubt one of the most interesting so far, and fans are still enthusiastically discussing what happened. Is Jin-Woo alive, and if so, what has happened to him?

We’re also not sure if the battle with the Monarchs is still going on, and, if it is, will Jin-Woo be able to win? The main protagonist has come a long way, from being the world’s weakest hunter to someone who’s strong and can undoubtedly hold his own weight. So fans have a lot of faith in him, but the creator has done an amazing job at reminding us that there are high stakes, and we can’t get too comfortable.

If you’re also super worked up after the last chapter, then keep reading! Here, you’ll get all the latest details about the upcoming Solo Leveling Chapter 162.

Solo Leveling Chapter 162 Release Date


Solo Leveling chapter 162 is set to be released on Thursday, August 12 for fans in Korea and other Asian countries. Fans living in the US, Canada, and Europe will be able to access it a day earlier, from August 11.

There is also no news of any delay and we hope it remains that way!

What Can We Expect from Solo Leveling Chapter 162? 

Chapter 161 left us at a major cliffhanger point after seeing Jin-Woo seemingly being mortally wounded by the Beast Monarch, who cruelly taunted him, saying that even Jin-Woo won’t manage to recover from that, since he’s not a full Monarch.

Solo-Leveling Chapter 161

Things only got more strange from that point. Next, Jin-Woo wakes up in the hospital, fully healed. But things are not back to normal as they look. What’s happened is that the Shadow Monarch has travelled back in time to two years ago. However, he seems to retain his current physical appearance, to the point that his sister can barely recognize him.

Jin-Woo also finally confronts the King of Death. Fans are curious what this exactly means for him. Is he having a near-death experience again? We all know he was no stranger to those, especially when he used to be the world’s weakest hunter.

Is the whole chapter completely in Jin-Woo’s head? Is it possible for Jin-Woo to really restart the world? All these questions are what we expect the upcoming chapter to answer.

Where to Read Solo Leveling Chapter 162 Online? 


Are you just as excited as us to access the upcoming chapter? You can read Solo Leveling Chapter 162 online legally on websites like TappyToon, Tapas Media, or Kakao page!

And for those who would like a print copy, Volume 1 of the manhwa is available in English through Yen Press. The rest may also follow up soon, as this is one of the most beloved ongoing fantasy works in Korea right now.

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