Some Lesser-Known Studio Ghibli Movies You Need To Watch

Studio Ghibli has produced a lot of exceptional movies that are replete with artistic and creative merit. It has its own unique way of narrating a story, a story replete with raw human emotions and beauty.

Many Studio Ghibli movies have their own “aesthetic” and “feel” to it. Also, many of its movies are brimming with magical realism and relevant contemporary social lessons for its audience.

That’s one good reason why Studio Ghibli has earned remarkable and outstanding reception across the globe. One good example of this is Spirited Away receiving a prestigious Oscar Award for Best Animated Feature at the 75th Academy Awards.

Everyone has watched many of its stellar movies like Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Grave of the Fireflies, and others. However, many aren’t aware of equally good and yet, lesser-known movies. In fact, some prefer these movies over the more well-known Studio Ghibli movies.

So, in this article, I’ll be sharing some lesser-known Studio Ghibli movies that I and my loved ones enjoy a lot.

  1. From Up On Poppy Hill

Directed by Goro Miyazaki, Hayao Miyazaki’s son, From Up On Poppy Hill is a beautiful story. Set on a small island, the story explores the budding romance between Umi Matsuzaki and Shun Kazama. Watch the trailer here.

It takes us through their struggles to clean up the clubhouse in their school and simultaneously convince the chairman not to destroy it. The scenery is beautiful and how Goro shows the romance between the two pulls at your heartstrings. It is reminiscent of your high school romances and will take you on a trip down memory lane

  1. Ocean Waves

Initially, a project meant to give young staff a chance to make a film cheaply, Ocean Waves ended up with a high budget. Ocean Waves is set in Kochi, Shikoku, and is a sweet romance anime based on Saeko Himuro’s novel.

Ocean Waves Review: This Forgotten Ghibli Classic Is Better Than Ever |  IndieWire


The anime film showcases a love triangle that develops between two close friends and a girl from Tokyo. There isn’t any fantastical element and the tone of the anime is pretty straightforward. Watch the trailer here.

  1. Only Yesterday

Only Yesterday is an anime movie whose main audience is adults, usually women. Though the studio didn’t think it’d be successful, it was fairly successful among many adults in the box office. Watch the trailer here.

The film highlights the emotional adventures of Taeko Okajima, an unmarried woman in her late 20s. While taking a trip to the house of her elder sister’s in-law in the countryside, she begins to recall her childhood. Basically, it’s about her recollecting warm and embarrassing memories of her childhood and her ardent wish to go on a holiday trip then.


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