Why Casting Henry Cavill as Wolverine Is a Bad Idea


This week a pretty wild rumor started on social media and the internet, suggesting that Marvel Studios was eyeing Henry Cavill to play the role of Wolverine, specifically with his big MCU debut on the upcoming Captain Marvel 2. It was an interesting case, but it was also quickly canceled.

Cavill has not been contacted for any role, including Wolverine. Other than that, Captain Marvel 2’s script isn’t even complete, so there’s no guarantee the character will start anyway.

And with that in mind, it is useful to take a beautiful breath of breath away from this hubbub not because it’s a wild rumor, but for one big reason: picturing Henry Cavill as Wolverine is a wrong choice.

Henry Cavill is a Bad Idea

Casting Henry Cavill as the MCU’s Wolverine is a bad choice, not just for the essential things that come to mind, such as his work as Superman. Cavill as Superman for DC is off-putting – Love the Man of Steel or hate it, Cavill is now associated with the character. He also has done several other notable characters in The Witcher, that prove he can go beyond the iconic Kryptonian character.


No, there are other reasons that Cavill Wolverine is a bad idea: There are other Marvel characters that are a good match for Cavill. And perhaps the most significant reason: The MCU doesn’t need Wolverine yet.

Cavill’s role as Wolverine is also a bad idea because there are other actors who are more suited to the role.

Hugh Jackman already made it clear that his time was over as Wolverine in May 2018, there was a lot of uproar over who could play the unique character. Among the names doing the rounds were Scott Eastwood and Kingsman: The Golden Circle star Taron Egerton.

Height-wise, he’s not as tall as Cavill, which makes Egerton a bit more physically accurate for the character for a comic-accurate Wolverine than we’ve seen in previous films.

Biggest Reason

However, the biggest reason Cavill is a bad idea as a Wolverine is that the MCU doesn’t need a Wolverine. Watching the X-Men join the MCU is a big deal for fans, but the reality is that it’s better to introduce other X-Men characters first, rather than coming out with a full force of Marvel claws.

The entire universe was built on intriguing characters, not on popular ones. Sure, Iron Man is more popular now, but he wasn’t exactly a household name a dozen years ago. Since MCU’s movies now allow the character to develop and grow in the fans’ hearts and minds, the main characters are added as the stories move.

A similar approach to bringing the X-Men to things allows MCU to expand more organically, telling stories that are bigger and better than hijacking a popular character for the sake of popularity.

On top of that, Wolverine recently got a lot of attention in terms of movies. Trying to “replace” with a new actor and a fresh take on the character will be a sort of failure.

It’s very soon to do that, and so it’s a bad idea to bring Wolverine to the MCU, especially if several other X-Men characters here can be used to lay the foundation for the big introductions that fans crave.

Finally, the Cavill rumor is just – a rumor. Even if it isn’t, we have enough reasons for Cavill not to be a good choice. The actor does well in another role. This role could be played by another actor, and there are plenty of X-Men characters to choose from in the MCU.

Wolverine just isn’t needed at this time. Marvel can do better in terms of the X-Men. Here’s to hoping they will.

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